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Custom Sweatshirts from Spreadshirt

Custom sweatshirts are not the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “technology.” But with Spreadshirt's pill-resistant air jetspun yarn and Lycra® spandex ribbed collar and cuffs, custom sweatshirt technology has finally arrived.

Spreadshirt's T-Shirt Design Lab is your way to create your own customized sweatshirts and other apparel. You can design your own text and images, select and print from a wide variety of products, and sell your custom products using our free T-Shirt Shop.

Custom Sweatshirt Technology

Custom sweatshirts are not immune to technological advances. Personalized sweatshirts made with polyester have a tendency to form tiny balls on the surface of the clothing called pills. At Spreadshirt, your custom sweatshirt comes equipped to fight off those pills that can ruin your custom design. In fact, all of Spreadshirt's winter line possess this technology, including these hoodie options. That way, you can wear your customized sweatshirt over and over again and expect the same results.

Besides the pill-resistant advantage, our custom sweatshirts contain other technological advances. They possess quick drying material and are bacteria and UV resistant, so you know that custom sweatshirts from Spreadshirt are a sure bet. And you won't have to worry about your personalized sweatshirts losing their form-fitting quality after a trip to the washing machine.

Our women's personalized sweatshirt is just as technologically advanced. Spreadshirt uses a triblend sponge fleece material so your custom sweatshirt is breathable, comfortable, and form-fitting. It seems that you can blend style and technology after all.