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Personalized underwear from Spreadshirt is a great way to start and end your day. From thongs to panties and everything in between, Spreadshirt’s high quality customized underwear is right for any type of occasion.

We’re not prudes. We know your nightlife is important to you. That’s why you can design personalized underwear using our T-Shirt Maker. Don’t be shy. Personalize your thong or customized underwear with your own text, colors, and images. Customized underwear from Spreadshirt is the perfect opportunity to say what you really want to say. If you are looking for information on how to make underwear, you have certainly come to the right place. At Spreadshirt, you can design your own underwear to your very own specification.

What Personalized Underwear Says About You

The personalized underwear personality test was developed at Spreadshirt to help you decide which type of customized underwear is right for you. That way, you’re not left wondering which customized underwear to wear.

The custom boxers: Relaxed fit, roomy, classic. The guy’s staple. Whether it’s lounging around the house watching football or going out and partying, custom boxers are the perfect personalized underwear fit.

The custom bikini cut: Form fitting, low rise, flat bottom. You’re not looking for much adventure. You want to cover up and play it safe today. You need your typical, trusted personalized underwear feel. Or if you are a women, make your own custom panties.

The custom hip huggers: The hot “boy shorts” look. You’re a little flirty, though not trying to actively seduce any man that happens to walk by. You want to feel a bit dangerous in your personalized underwear but not risk too much.

The custom thong: Sexy. Daring. Racy. The thong is your wild side. You throw caution into the wind and use that thong to your advantage. When the party scene is your scene, custom thongs may just be the key to your social success.

Customized Underwear and the Spreadshirt Difference

Whatever your customized underwear personality, whatever the occasion, Spreadshirt is here to help. Make your own underwear and recieve it with fast delivery, high quality printing, and excellent customer service, why not choose Spreadshirt’s personalized underwear and make the night your own. And building your personal brand and making customizable underwear has never been easier with our free T-Shirt Shop, a place where you can sell your personalized underwear and panties or give them as awesome gift ideas. You don’t have to take the personalized underwear personality test to know what the night has in store. Your can trust Spreadshirt for custom mens underwear and custom womens underwear.

Start your Clothing Empire at Spreadshirt

It's never just about the underwear, right? I mean, let's be honest for a minute: wherever you scored on the custom underwear personality test means a lot more than where you buy your personalized underwear and what you do later on. And that's perfectly cool, because at Spreadshirt it's not just about buying custom clothing, custom underwear, and other sweet personalized apparel. Whether you are looking for information on how to make underwear, or you already know how to design your own underwear, that's only the beginning.

Spreadshirt is so much more. And it starts with you opening up a free T-Shirt Shop so you can sell custom underwear and other personalized products in your store and start making some money off of your ingenuity and creative designs. After all, if you have a great idea or can create amazing designs for t-shirts, then why shouldn't you charge people to be a part of your brand? It's simple economic sense.

So what does this mean practically speaking? Well, it means that you can build your own clothing label, start with the custom underwear you just designed or bought, and completely dominate the other clothing labels that have to spend tons of money on warehouses, inventory, and storefronts. How's that for starters. Personalize your custom t-shirts or any other product with personalized text. And Spreadshirt is right here to help you whenever you hit a bump in the road. But hopefully you won't get roadblocked when you're wearing your custom underwear you just created.

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