10 Christmas & New Year’s Sayings

10 Christmas & New Year’s Sayings

Goodbye 2019 — Hello 2020!

As this year is drawing to a close and 2020 is right around the corner. Time happens so quickly when you’re having fun, and it seems like only yesterday that we were making our New Year’s resolutions! Do you remember yours? Take a minute to look back at the past year and you’ll see how much you’ve experienced.

Resolutions Are Made to Be Broken

You certainly didn’t keep all your New Year’s resolutions. That’s why now is the time to make some new ones — and stick to them for real this time! You’ll be prepared to explain just why you’ve come up with your set od revolutions when you reveal them your friends at a New Year’s Eve party. Above all, 2020 offers so many new possibilities to make it a great year, your year!

10, 9, 8… You Know the Drill

Below we have put together 10 sayings for New Year’s Eve 2020. Each one can be used to personalize a T-shirt that will motivate you for the year ahead.

  1. Tomorrow is the first blank page of the 2020 book. Write a good one.
  2. Let’s make 2020 filled with new hope, new joy & new beginnings
  3. Here’s to a brilliant new year 2020
  4. 2020: 366 new days – 366 new chances
  5. Dear 2020, I’m ready!
  6. May all your troubles last year’s New Year’s resolutions!
  7. Have a sparkling 2020
  8. Cheers to a happy New Year, Anna!
  9. Goodbye 2019 & Hello 2020 (and all the new problems)
  10. 2020 is gonna be super happy & wild and absolutely awesome!
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