3 Irresistible Gift Ideas for Babies and Parents

3 Irresistible Gift Ideas for Babies and Parents

They are always cute, sometimes loud and you never know exactly what to give them. So today we’re sharing our baby gift ideas with you.

Gifts for Proud Parents

Exhausted, but happy. This is how most new parents feel during the first few months of their new parenthood. And while friends and relatives hardly ever get over themselves when faced with the cuteness of the new earthling, the parents are often forgotten. After all it’s all too easy to forget those responsible for the little wonder. Giving a gifts to parents is a fantastic gesture that can go a long way for you. A set of custom T-shirts may just be the thing that will have the new family smiling from ear to ear.

The designs and names can be customized.

Family with matching customized saurus shirts
Baby: click image, dad: https://sprd.co/IPeCmmK & mom: https://sprd.co/h5nOFUe

Useful Gifts for Babies

Babies need love, attention and new rompers. Those rompers get soiled so very easily, and having worn them for just a few months, they won’t fit anymore. For parents, it’s a good idea to stock up on romper suits to get ready for those months ahead – and that’s where you come in. Create a custom romper that stays with the family for the next year or so. Customize the romper suit with a cute design and custom text. Or try your creative hands at customizing a bib!

Change text and designs to your liking.

Gifts for Brothers & Sisters

Similar to the oft forgotten parents, the elder brother or sister gets often forgotten. Out of a sudden, all the attention they used to get is diverted to the new-born member of the family.  This may trigger a range of emotion from envy to sadness, but generally tends to be a slightly confusing and sometimes overwhelming experience for the older kids. You could customize T-shirts for kids who are older with their favorite animal and their name on it. It’s easily done with our T-shirt design tool, and it is sure to conjure up a big smile on the sibling’s face.

Boy and girl with custom T-shirts
Girl: click image, boy: https://sprd.co/oG4humd

All the products shown in this little inspiration article for custom baby gifts and kids’ gifts can be customized by changing the text and font. You can also look for different designs in our design pool or upload your own design or photographic image. Have fun creating custom gifts for the little ones and parents!

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