8 Things You Wanted to Ask About Spreadshirt

8 Things You Wanted to Ask About Spreadshirt

1. What areas can I print my designs on, and what size are they?

The print areas are different for each product, to ensure the best results possible. Typically, you have the choice of several print areas, suitable for customization: Front, back, sleeves and sometimes the hood. More print areas incur higher costs but add a greater layer of customization.

The print area for each product depends on the material and print type, along with the position of any extra features, such as pockets, buttons, or zippers.

2. What are your turnaround times?

As our goods are all custom printed just for you, turn around time can be a little longer, than something of the shelf, but our production facilities use the latest printing techniques to keep the wait as short as possible. With Express delivery, you could receive your goods within a couple of days!

3. Do you have a minimum order?

Unlike lots of other custom clothing suppliers we don’t have a minimum order for any of our products, so whether you want to create a custom apron or 100 personalized caps we can meet your needs.

4. Are there any hidden fees?

In short no, the price you are shown when placing your order is the price you will pay. Whilst some services might come with an additional fee, such as a specialized design service we will not hide this fee from you. Digital printing involves no set up charge and is included in the price shown when ordering your shirt.

5. Do you offer an artworking service?

Yes, our highly skilled and talented team can help turn your ideas into reality. Whether you need help tuning a sketch into a vector file or want a brand-new design based on your wildest dreams we can do this. For a flat rate of $19.99 we can ensure that you are ready to create your custom products, with the best design possible.

6. Are you able to match specific colors?

With digital direct printing, we are unable to match the exact color, but we try our best to print our products in one order with the same machine, ensuring that the colors match as best they can. We are also increasing our own range of premium products, adding new colors so that you can find one that best suits your needs, whether for a club, society or just yourself.

7. What digital file types do you accept?

Choosing the right type of file, is an important step to getting the right result for your custom tee, we support files uploaded as .png, .jpeg (.jpg), .gif, .ai, and .cdr. Different files have different advantages. However, we also have a wide range of free and paid designs you can choose from in our extensive library if you don’t want to upload your own.

8. What are your delivery costs?

Our standard delivery starts at just $5.99.  Extra charges will apply for Premium and Express, and some states may require additional delivery time. Full details can be found here.

Hopefully we’ve answered a few of your questions, but if you have anymore please let us know.

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