Breaking New Year’s Resolutions like a Pro

Breaking New Year’s Resolutions like a Pro

Have a resolution that was practically made to be broken? We’ve got a few thoughts on how you can own your successes and failures in the new year.

Exercise more, eat less chocolate, quit smoking, drink less alcohol — just a few of the classics when it comes to New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, resolutions are as easily made as they are broken. Most folks who set out quitting the smokes or venturing out for an occasional jog in the early days of the New Year are bound to backdrop before February says her friendly hello.

How to stay true to good intentions

We’ve thought of how you can put a positive spin on your resolutions! Instead of worrying about failing and shedding a tear over your doomed resolutions, let’s fail in style! Just go with a word of ancient moai wisdom: “Nothing like printing your good intentions on a T-Shirt!”

Woman wearing a custom 2021 shirt
…and you can change the product as well

Why New Year’s resolutions mostly fail

The fact that our resolutions usually remain just good intentions is all psychological. In the course of our lives, we realize that we will never look like a baywatch legend in a bikini or be built like an Austrian weightlifter ready to terminate. Our minds are not as easily swayed when it comes to facing the facts of our existence. This ultimately dooms our intentions to fail, since the gap between new yoga exercises and our couch physique is too much of a stretch. This custom T-shirt will remind you of what you owe yourself.

What realistic resolutions can do for you

As with so many plans, you have this inkling in your bones that it won’t work. But your brain tells you, “But you can make it if you try!” A classic case of catch-22 — one “but” and one “if” make for two reasons to look for more realistic resolutions. Try not to convince yourself to make something happen, but find something feasible that is convincing in itself. In other words, the idea must be good enough to have you immediately convinced. And you know what they say about good ideas? Print them on a T-shirt.

Where baby steps can get you

The essential thing about rendering your good intentions real is a strategy. To-do lists and the division into stages should also help you to not lose sight of your own plans. Don’t get overwhelmed by seemingly unassailable goals but take the big hill one step at a time. Do you feel you should stay true to your resolution to do more jogging? Then put that custom basketball T-shirt on and jog for a mile. Or half a mile. Or… You get the picture!

How to deal with outside pressure

Are you one of those people who tells others about your great ideas the moment your genius mind comes up with them? You’re not alone! But once you’ve told everyone and their uncle, posted it on social media and screamed it from rooftops, the prospect of having to admit defeat can feel quite shameful. Order this custom unisex sweatshirt a couple of sizes bigger, and wow everyone with a slight exaggeration.

What honesty can do for you

Not convinced by hyperbole? Then give outright honesty a try. A customized T-shirt that says, “Look, I’m trying. Help!” may just give your friends and everyone else who sees you in this T-shirt an incentive to tell you that they admire your intention and egg you on to help you achieve your goal. This custom T-shirt will let them know.

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Did you make a bad resolution (like to have that gin and tonic whenever you feel like it)? Or did you decide on no resolutions at all this year? Either way, failure is a part of life! Embrace it and fail in style!

  1. What’s banalized here in a cheeky and cheesy piece of content is actually a real thing! You can imagine a new life and then make change happen by inhabiting your new world. The hard truth is that this change won’t come without a great deal of suffering, but what choice do we really have?

    Happy New Year!

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