Are you a cat lover?

Are you a cat lover?

Are you one of the millions of people sharing their home with a miniature tiger? No other pet is as popular as the mysterious creatures with the soft paws and dangerous claws.

What makes these creatures so lovable? Every cat has its own unique personality. Their antics make you laugh again and again. In one moment, your cat is the sweetest cat in the world – sleeping peacefully or lapping up a bowl of milk. In the next, she’s running around the house as if possessed or climbing up your new curtains in a random panic.

These pets with their nine lives enrich our lives every day. Chances are, you know someone who loves their cat more than anything else – that is, if you’re not completely crazy about your Twinkles or Mr. Fluffy yourself.

Check out these design ideas to delight the cat person in your life. How about a personalized t-shirt or a mug with a photo of the favorite cat?

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