Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Us

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Us

Looking for the perfect gift for your significant other? Single but still full of love? Customize a T-shirt to show the world what (or who) you love.

While you might not be able to be together this Valentine’s Day, you can still gift something sweet to your valentine. Sure, there’s a certain charm to a handmade Valentine’s Day card. Pink and red construction paper pasted together, topped off with doilies, glitter glue and conversation hearts… it’s endearing! But if you want something a little bit more polished (and candy free), we’ve got just the thing, create your own T-shirt!

This year, we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with the #showwhatyoulove campaign. You can check out the full campaign on our Instagram account. But until then, are you ready to meet the romantic masterminds behind it? 

The perfect match: Heiko loves Henry!

Annika loves the ocean

And maybe long walks on the beach too? Anyone who’s watched a rom com will know a romantic walk on the beach is a cheesy and essential part to any fairytale or happy ending.

Sarah loves surprises

Surprising your valentine during quarantine is not an easy matter. It requires stealth, patience and maybe a white lie (or a few). Anyone who’s planning a romantic surprise, best of luck to you!

Hanna loves family

We’re guessing she has more than one valentine this year… You can create Valentine’s Day T-shirts for the whole family, they’ll be feeling the love even from a distance.

Danilo loves photography

Have a favorite picture? You can add it to a custom tee. For a really personal touch, add a happy photo of the two of you together!

Claus loves cookies

They are the tastiest food, after all. If you’re celebrating Valentine’s solo, why not bake yourself a yummy batch of chocolate chip cookies? Or snickerdoodles? Maybe peanut butter blossoms? The list goes on…

Erwin loves music

Music is another essential part of Valentine’s Day. Start queuing up your favorite songs, an epic playlist never fails to win over someone’s heart.

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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