6 Christmas Traditions Debunked

6 Christmas Traditions Debunked

Ever wondered why you’re having a Christmas tree in your house, and why you kiss under mistletoes? We’re looking at the history behind the custom while giving you inspiration for custom Christmas gear on top.

The Christmas Tree

The Germans have been at it since the middle ages, then the custom spread in Europe and has been popularized by settlers in America. A lumberjack from New York apparently was the first commercial seller of Christmas trees in 1851. He brought a tradition under way that 4 in 5 of American households still subscribe to today. About 80% of those trees have grown in Asian factories, and only 20% in the woods. Here’s a custom T-shirt to celebrate the tree. It comes without ornaments and Christmas pickles, but you can customize the text to your heart’s content.  

The Gingerbread House

Some may think that Elizabeth I. had a hand in baking the first gingerbread, but it was – again – a German tradition that only started after a Grimm fairy tale. It was Hansel and Gretel who nibbled on the gingerbread house of an evil witch. Consequently, they were shoved in an oven for the old lady’s dinner. But they managed to escape the house, and today we’re able to enjoy a gingerbread cookie without getting burnt to cinders. This custom apron celebrates the occasion.

The Advent Calendar

The third and final German tradition has its roots at about 1900. A savvy publisher came up with the bright idea to help kids count down to Christmas with 24 daily “windows” that concealed a bible quote. Only 24, you may ask? Yes – the Germans celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. However, the kids of the 1920s were in all likelihood quite pleased when the bile snippets were swapped for chocolate. Today you can get any kind of calendar to make the count down to the big day even more exciting. Check out this custom hoodie to put the fun in functionality.

Kissing under Mistletoe

Still the old world, but this time from England! The custom kicked off in the 1784’s musical Two for One when the first lovers kissed under the mistletoe. And had it not been for Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol (1843), we probably wouldn’t still be doing it today. Back in the day, you had to use your lips to pluck a berry from the mistletoe twig. Your partner would then take it off your lips with a kiss. Understandably, it was considered really bad news if the berries had gone! Put a mistletoe on a custom pillowcase to make it last.

The Eggnog

The drink in itself is rather tame – until you spike it with rum! That’s when you’ll get that egg liqueur that many associate with blissful Christmas nights: the more the merrier. Settlers in America changed the old English recipe of making it with sour milk. And the first president of the newly established United States of America came up with his very own recipe. Customize this mug for the next time you want to enjoy your Christmas drink.

The Ugly Christmas Sweater

This relatively new Christmas trend has gained momentum since the year 2008. In a list of Stuff that White People Like, it was only mentioned in 118th position of trending activities back then. Today ugly sweaters generate millions and millions of dollars. Reputable people buy a piece of garment that they’d only ever worn in the basement garage about 20 years ago. It’s all go today, so you can create your own custom Christmas sweater the way you like it. But be sure to make it as ugly as you can!

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