Cancer: 7 custom gift ideas for the zodiac sign

Cancer: 7 custom gift ideas for the zodiac sign

People born between June 21st and July 22nd are born under the zodiac sign of Cancer. These folks are said to be in sync with the moon, water and their emotions. Cancers are famed for their friendliness, emotional intelligence, and their crab-like nature. But what does the latter mean exactly? And what kind of gift is the right one for them?

First-up: The cancer in astrology

Period: from 21 June to 22 July

Symbol: a crab-like, creepy-crawly animal

Planet: Moon

Element: Water

Color: White

Cancer is the fourth in the circle of zodiac signs. People with a birthday in this period are known for their emotional and loving nature. They are very sensitive, and their highly developed sensitivity may lead to insecurity. Their elementary sign is water (as with Pisces and Scorpio), which further indicates a strong emotional depth.

Gifts for Cancers

So, what do you give a person who is driven by emotions, seeped in sentimentality and prone to encounter mood swings? And – more importantly – how can you be safe from creatures driven by whims which are triggered by the different phases of the moon?

There is hope! Since Cancers like to withdraw into their shell to make themselves comfortable in their home environment, gifts from the Home & Living department offer a great choice. The giver adapts to the introverted nature of the Cancer and is in turn appreciated for it.

Do not blame Cancers for their inability to express joy in an exuberant way when presented with the gift. They usually need some time to gauge. But when they do embrace the gift, you can be sure that their gratitude is yours completely.

1. The loyal friend

Perhaps one of the most remarkable features of Cancers is their unwavering loyalty. Once out of their shell, they are ready to make lifelong commitments. At first it may take a little longer for their trust to deepen, but then you’ll hardly find a more loyal friend. Why not create a pillowcase to provide a comfortable cushion for your friendship? Customize the signature!

2. The protective prerogative

Cancers like to shield their loved ones with their protective hands. They value their family and close friends and do whatever it takes to protect those close to their hearts. When they live under the same roof with you, they become your walking shield guard. A customized apron will come in handy to provide an extra layer of protection.

 3. The intuitive initiative

Intuition is another salient feature of Cancers. They rely more on their intuition than on their rational judgment. This gives the cancer a fine nose to detect emotional changes in others. The nose on the self-designed face mask provides a beautiful symbol of this.

4. The care bear

The friendly and caring nature of Cancers makes them likely to take on a protective role. In relationships, Cancers are particularly generous to their partners, although they expect the same level of attention in return (and don’t like it at all if they don’t get it). This Care Bear mug lets you customize the name of the Cancer.

5. The moody Judy

Since the moon is a ruling planet in this zodiac sign, one must expect abrupt emotional changes. Due to the complexity of their emotions, Cancers are sometimes prone to erratic overreactions. The mood can quickly change from incredibly happy to hopelessly sad when Cancers get upset or take something to heart. Then they may like to seek refuge in their customized shawl-hoodie shell.

6. The vindictive Victor

“Don’t get in his way!” is good advice when dealing with Cancers. At the slightest provocation, their vengeance may be crushing. And what does that have to do with this customized phone case? Don’t touch a Cancer‘s property, or else…!!

7. The musical muse

Their feared and famed emotionality makes Cancers particularly receptive to the arts. Singers such as Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, and Lana del Rey are all famous Cancers with a distinct musical vein. Do you know any Cancers who’s like a custom “I cancer Music” T-shirt as a gift?

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