6 Custom Gifts for Capricorns

6 Custom Gifts for Capricorns

Curious about the Capricorn’s most noteworthy character traits? We’ll go over what kind of gifts Capricorns like, how they fit their personality and offer advice on how to get along with them.

The Capricorn Sign in Astrology?

Symbol: A capricious goat
Period: December 22 through January 20
Planet: Saturn
Element: Earth
Color: Earth-colored tones, brown

We’ve embarked on the incredible mission to take the goat out of the Capricorn, examine the creature in front of us, and put it all back together to take a closer look at the picture. There’s much more to this zodiac than capriciousness and horn-like looks. Here are the Capricorn’s six most prominent characteristics.  

The Hard Worker

Capricorns are infamous for being earnest, stern, and (over)zealous. They won’t stop until they’ve completed a task, which makes them popular at school and work. Among teachers and bosses, that is. A Capricorn will not stop until they reach their goal and achieve their objective. Their exemplary work attitude helps them receive both appreciation and jealous grudge, but for the main part a lightning rod of dependability. This custom T-shirt puts an emphasis on their good work ethics.

The Ambitious Drive

Hard work is often driven by ambition, and such is the impetus of a Capricorn as well. They’ll give everything they have to make sure they’ll get what they want! Comparing themselves to others may be the driving force behind their zeal, an incentive that has them work for hours on end to complete a mission. So, if you should ever be in need of a partner to get a job done, Capricorns come highly recommended! But go easy on them, and remind them with this custom mug to take it easy. It’s good to chill with a cup of tea once in a while.

The Responsible Adult

Their ambition and hard work is not propelled by self-indulgence, but by the Capricorn’s dutiful nature to do “the right thing”. Their rule-abiding approach is a pragmatic result of their mature mindset, and organization is key to goal achievement. But they will not shy away from admitting mistakes, and they’ll make sure they won’t commit the same mistake twice. Thanks to their great organizational skills, they’ll always have a handle on the stuff that matters.  You could honour this responsible approach with a custom boyfriend sweater as a heart-felt thank you.

The Perpetual Pessimist

With every yin there comes a yang, just like night comes after day. With reason controlling their nature, they occasionally find it hard to see things in a positive light. This can lead to an overall pessimistic outlook on life, and – if they’re not careful – to an “I’m never satisfied” attitude and unhappiness. Capricorns need to be reminded to not overthink, but also to trust their feeling and intuition. Let your Capricorn know that perfectionism is not everything that counts in life with this custom water bottle.

The Stubborn Goat

Just look at the goat, are you surprised? Capricorns can be outright bulletheads when it comes to the standards they set for themselves and the rest of the world! For them it’s the most natural thing to reach for the stars in a very disciplined and pragmatic way, whereas others often struggle to meet their high demands. We’re not surprised to learn that Isaac Newton and Benjamin Franklin were Capricorns as well. A strong focus on practicality and material goods can prevent them from appreciating what goes on around them. Here’s an angry goat on a custom apron that says it like it is.

Devotion without Emotion?

If you’re a Capricorn’s partner, you’ve probably got to know their character already. It’s a curious combo of acute devotion paired with an inability of emotional involvement. It can be hard to deal with someone who comes across as cool and gruff, but it would be a mistake not to look deeper into their actual nature. Once you understand that they’re not intentionally reserved but always show their true colours, you’ll be able to appreciate their honesty. Give it some time, they’ll reveal their emotions eventually. How about customizing a pillowcase with a fitting motto?

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