Help! My Kid Wants a Custom Dinosaur

Help! My Kid Wants a Custom Dinosaur

The paleontologists must be mistaken when they claim that all dinosaurs are extinct. A brief glimpse in any odd kids’ room will convince you of the opposite! You’ll see all allegedly extinct creatures big and small from Spinosaurus to Tyrannosaurus Rex, full of life and fighting for survival, day in day out.

Dinos are very much alive in the minds of their little roommates. And even if some parents hope that their next birthday may bring wishes for toy cars or baby dolls, they will in all likelihood not be able to escape the conundrum of “what dinosaur toy will I get this year?” We have a few tips for defenseless parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and big siblings.

Discovering the Linussaurus

Every child has their favorite dinosaur that they fully identify with. It’s only natural that they’d want their idol and role-model to be always by their side. Whether it’s Thomas, Sarah or Linus – a customized T-shirt with a dinosaur will get the best out of their alter ego.

Go on a Discovery Tour

Spending quality time with their dinosaurs is a time of boundless imagination for kids. Seize the opportunity and prepare a day to remember for the little wannabe palaeontologists. Invite their little kindergarten buddies and find a few sizable animal bones and teeth. Alternatively, you can buy “real” dinosaur bones online. Bury the “fossil remains” in the garden or in the playground. Hand out little shovels and provide provisions. Think of a little reward at the end of the filed trip, such as a custom cap or tote bag. Then just sit back and enjoy the pioneering kids having fun.

Discover Your Inner Child

Attention! There’s a risk of catching the dinosaur bug. In the face of the constant competition among the little ones to outbid each other (“My dinosaur is the biggest, fastest and most dangerous!”), you run the risk of catching the contagious dinosaur bug! We parents end up becoming dino experts as well, enabling us to name and specify countless saurian creatures in the process. Once you know your power animal aka favorite dinosaur, it’s easy to create fitting custom dinosaur clothing and accessories.

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