7 Custom Gifts for the Sagittarius You Love

7 Custom Gifts for the Sagittarius You Love

The Sagittarius is a mythological creature whose keen intelligence forges an arch between our world and the vast heavens. Find out about the Sagittarius’ characteristics and what gifts to give them after the jump.

The Sagittarius in Astrology

Period: November 21 to December 21

Symbol: an archer, half human and half horse

Ruling planet: Jupiter

Element: Fire

Colors: blue, yellow, purple

When you’re asking yourself what Taylor Swift, Brad Pitt and Pope Francis have in common, look no further than their zodiac sign: Sagittarius. We’ve set out to shed a light on what character traits these people are equipped with, and to discover secrets and an enigmatic genius that can be discovered in any Sagittarius. And yes, Nostradamus was one as well!

#1 The independent trailblazer

It may come as no surprise that the Sagittarius is more independent than any other zodiac. In pursuit of an independent lifestyle, a Sagittarius travels the world on her own account and doesn’t shy away from taking risks. When it comes to their job and sports, Sagittariuses are often trailblazers of their discipline and prone to come up with innovations others think impossible. Consequently, some of the greatest entrepreneurs, scientists and sports personalities are Sagittariuses. A custom sweater that expresses their love for Independence may just be the gift they’d appreciate. You can change the text, design, color or product (also for men) if you like.

#2 The emphatic interlocutor

The keen intelligence of the Sagittarius gives him the ability to establish connections with the people he’s in touch with. He’s a good listener, has a thing for spirituality, and a philosophical mindset. All of this makes a Sagittarius attractive for those surrounding him. His ability to give his friends counsel, understand their problems but also to administer emphatic advise makes him a popular companion among his peers. You can give back some love by creating a custom pillowcase for your Sagittarius of choice.

#3 The compassionate person

Is it a combination of the previous two characteristics, or are Sagittariuses just good people? Whatever it is, they definitely have a compassionate streak that lets them open their hearts to the concerns of others. They also like taking a shine to the interests of weaker individuals or groups worth being protected. Add their intelligence and empathy to the mix, and you’ve got a great conversationalist who’s eager to help others to make them feel better. Tell your Sagittarius that she’s a real darling with this custom mug made of enamel.

#4 The honest companion

People born during the period of the Sagittarius are completely averse to lies. They value the truth over anything else and are known for their integrity. You won’t easily find a Sagittarius who’s guilty of deception, and they expect others to be just as trustworthy as they are. A Sagittarius doesn’t like beating around the bush, but rather say it like it is. Trust a Sagittarius to dig the truth just like this custom T-shirt.

#5 The often misunderstood

The Sagittarius’ penchant for honesty can be taken the wrong way and used against them. When a Sagitarrius says what she thinks straight up, others may think she’s indiscreet or tactless. And since people born under this sign can usually boast a lot of self-esteem, this characteristic may be confused with arrogance when all that’s at their compassionate heart is the commonweal. This custom face mask let’s people know what’s important to a Sagittarius.

#6 The curiosity explorer

Curiosity is a Sagittarius’ second nature. They’re eager to find answers to everything that moves them – maybe as a result of their philosophical nature. Their curious mind and keen intelligence keeps them on the lookout for new food for thought. It just makes them happy to discover new insights and gather experiences they haven’t made before. This unisex hoodie will surely tickle the smart bone of any Sagittarius.

#7 The restless partner

When entering a relationship with a Sagittarius, his predilection for change and discovering new things along the way can be demanding. He’ll be eager to listen to whatever’s on your mind, but he’ll find it hard to settle down as long as he feels that there won’t be a challenge for him anymore. You’re a great fit for him as long as you’re ready to explore new ways off the trodden path of the everyday monotony with him. Personalize this custom explorer bag with any kind of text or design you like.

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