Custom Merch Means More Customer Loyalty

Custom Merch Means More Customer Loyalty

There is a strong demand for custom products or experiences everywhere, whether in the travel industry, tourism, event and service sector. We talked to Ümit Uzun from Charterbar Yachting to find out how to do it the right way.

Don’t just give away any merchandise gift

Merchandise gifts come in all shapes and sizes. Often it’s just pens, cups, paper notebooks or bags with a logo – and without a personal touch. You see those promotional articles at fairs, corporate meetings, or as give-aways wherever you go.

Show personality

You’ve worked hard to build a good and personal relationship with your clientele, so make sure they remember you in a good way. Ümit from Charterbar Yachting shows how this works – with little effort, but highly effective.

Charterbar Yachting shows the way

We’ve already told you about Ümit Uzun, the managing director of Charterbar Yachting in June 2020. Ümit’s offer includes full-service consulting and the provision of specialized sailing information in his own magazine. Customer loyalty is an important part of the business model in such a specialized company. Only satisfied customers will book a yacht charter again the next year.

Merchandise items the personalized way

Ümit doesn’t only have the Charterbar Yachting logo printed on his promotional material, because each merchandise package is unique. The new Charterbar Yachting magazine goes out with a personalized cover letter and a customized mug with the person’s name to whet the appetite for the next sailing trip.

Ümit Uzun has designed a camping mug to go with it, which is a wonderful match for the sailing trip. The design is color-coordinated with the brand, and the text also picks up on the charter theme of yachting. In addition, Ümit has printed a hashtag on the cup, which he uses everywhere on social media: #simplesea.

See for yourself!


A well-conceived custom merchandise gift will serve to improve customer loyalty as it helps improving the connection to people. What’s more, it will serve to support your branding – both online and offline – as you’re able to customize merchandise in a tailormade way. Do you want to improve your customer retention or simply thank your customers for their loyalty? Then create your own merchandise items with a personal touch now.

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