5 Custom Taurus Gift Ideas Made with Love

5 Custom Taurus Gift Ideas Made with Love

Looking for the perfect gift for the Taurus you love? Then you should learn about the character traits first before you make your choice. Find ideas and inspiration after the jump.

Taurus in astrology

Period: April 20th—May 20th

Symbol: A mighty bull

Ruling planet: Venus

Element: Earth

Colors: Green, pink

The grounded contemporary

In general, most born during the Taurus period could be best described as reasonable people. Their down-to-earth nature lets them see the world from a practical angle, and their hard-working ethics make them reach the goals they set for themselves. The Taurus is probably also the most reliable of zodiacs, so you can trust him to work for his friends and family with all he’s got. This custom T-shirt let’s everyone know what he’s like.

The calm anchor

Most Taurus tend to have a very calm charisma that exudes conservative vibes of stability. In a nutshell, they set great store by property, plant and equipment, meaning they like to be surrounded by possessions. Paired with their relentless drive to reach their goals, Taurus folks make excellent employees who go about their tasks in a gracious and urbane way. They won’t stop before they drop – a quality that can be awe-inspiring in the extreme. Here’s a custom hoodie for the Taurus you love to show your appreciation for her voice of reason.

The tender pleasure-seeker

Never underestimate a Taurus! Next to being very driven individuals, they also love surrounding themselves with beautiful things and take great pleasure in doing stuff with their own two hands. The pleasures of both the body and the mind are equally important to the Taurus as they appreciate the arts in all of their shapes and forms. Making and listening to music is right down their alley, just like gardening work, collecting paintings, and spending hours in the kitchen to do the cooking. What better way then customizing an apron as a gift?

Stubborn and emotive

The zodiac sign says it all – a fiery bull! Expect your Taurus to have a stubborn nature and to approach things head-on! She may come across as stubborn, but you can forgive her to be just very committed to her cause. There’s also a reluctance to change in her conservative nature that makes it hard for her to react to sudden changes, so go easy on her when she finds it hard to let off her tried and trusted ways.  You could give her a custom mug to tell her that you know what she’s like.

The sensual kind

Have we mentioned that a Taurus has a very soft touch? It’s just the same in their relationships – they like them steady and calm. That doesn’t mean that being with a taurus will get boring! On the contrary, their sensual nature and penchant for romance could be just the thing for you if you’re also all for romance and reliance on trust. A Taurus will create a safe zone for the two of you that may feel a bit sticky at first, but will be be ultimately rewarding if you’re able to commit to your partner just the way they do. If this is the case, matching T-shirts with custom names or slogans could be on the agenda.

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