Dog Designs to Make your Tail Wag

Dog Designs to Make your Tail Wag

With their best friend always obediently (and fluffily) by their side, not even a missing or chewed-up shoe could make them lose their cool. Sound familiar? If you know someone like this, you’ll want to read our gift guide for dog owners.

Even though your (human) best friend might have a new (dog) best friend, it will be alright. You can show them both some love with furry, friendly and all-around fun designs. Lint roller not included.

Oh, my fur

Dog hair. It gets everywhere, from your T-shirt to under the sofa in your living room. And it never leaves. However, this doesn’t bug our doggy loving friends one bit. Like two peas in a pod, man and man’s best friend clearly deserve each other. When gifting them a T-shirt, think of the color of their dog’s hair. Maybe it’s a chocolate lab (brown T-shirt) or maybe they have a white poodle (white T-shirt). They’ll love you for giving them the gift of camouflage.

Up and at ‘em

Early in the morning, the proud dog owner stumbles out of the front door in their pajamas, with a cup of coffee and dog in tow. Shoes? Couldn’t be bothered. Glasses? Forgot them. All dog owners could use something comfy and functional to throw on next time they take their dog out to ‘do their business.’

Puppy love

While the dog owner might get a burst of excitement from playing frisbee, you’re probably exhausted from wrestling with the so-called  ‘good boy.’  But, he’s in your life now so you might as well learn to love him. Maybe for the next special occasion you can even give the doggo and his owner a matching gift? Matching bandanas perhaps? Heck, even buy yourself a bandana so the three of you can match. You are best pals after all…

Dog or human?

We hate to break it to you, but you might’ve already noticed… Human and dog can be very much alike. Both in appearance and personality. At first, it might just be a few things. Like, watching your friend run around a park. But when their fascination with squirrels begins, you might need to intervene…

Happy birthday

Celebrating a pups first birthday is always fun! No, no you won’t have to bake the cake, don’t worry. Just bring along some bones, a gift, and channel Who Let the Dogs Out vibes. After all, you are celebrating one year with a new friend.  Do it in style with a custom “Raise the woof” cap!

With these gifts you will belong to the pack faster than you can spell Chihuahua. Let us know your favorite dog design in the comments!

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