Don’t Keep Calm & Carry On, Find Work-Life Balance Instead

Don’t Keep Calm & Carry On, Find Work-Life Balance Instead

We’ve put together the ultimate guide to self-care and balance for people who can’t sit still long enough to meditate.

Have you experienced the growing pains of home office yourself over the past few months? Or maybe you live with someone who could use a little bit of help getting grounded in their day-to-day? Remind yourself and those around you to find balance—wherever you are. Customize everyday objects, like T-shirts or coffee mugs, with a meaningful message. Treat yourself or gift it to someone in need of TLC.

Whether you’re after a little inner peace, quiet time or need someone to pry your computer out of your cold, bitter hands – get closer to finding harmony, starting now.

Get peaceful with yin and yang

In ancient Chinese philosophy, yin and yang are examples of two opposite forces that find harmony together. While at times it feels unnatural for your work and life to be so interconnected, yin and yang are living proof that it’s possible to find harmony in what might feel conflicting. Bring this message to the streets, in a custom crop top.

Essential oils for home office

As you’re likely working in the same place you’re living in, you could certainly do with a degree of separation from time to time. Essential oils are a good way to change the energy of your space for work and play. During working hours try to diffuse lemon, bergamot, peppermint or eucalyptus. Once you’re done for the day try calming lavender, grounding patchouli or relaxing neroli. If you’re really ready to venture into relaxation territory, try burning sage or palo santo to clear the energy in your home once you’ve finished a long day’s work.

Create your own guide to essential oils on a long-sleeved T-shirt. Add the oils or herbs you like to use, plus it will look very aesthetic during your next Zoom call and remind you to relax wherever you are.  

Move your body

The easiest foolproof way to care for your body? Sweat it out! Next time you’re going for a jog around the block or doing yoga, wear personalized athletic gear to inspire others around you to get moving too. Personalize it with your favorite motto, saying or quote.

Set screen time limits

How many hours a day do you spend looking at a screen? Certainly, too much! Technology follows us everywhere nowadays, whether it’s the computer screen you can’t escape or the smartphone always in your hand. But, we’ve got to learn how to live with it appropriately.

Try unplugging a few hours every day. Take five-minute breaks to stretch when sitting at your desk and set screen time limits on your phone. Maybe even consider buying blue light glasses. When you add it all up, it’s quite shocking how much of your life is spent behind a screen of some sort.

And you can give others the gift of screen-free time, too! The “If you’re reading this, take a break from your screen” T-shirt is a custom option for those who just can’t escape the wrath of technology.

Is your work-life feeling more balanced?

You’ve put in the effort to find work-life balance, now share it with the world. Let a coffee mug do the talking and show your co-workers the progress you’ve made. But don’t be fooled! If you’re feeling stressed out, remember that coffee won’t do you any favors. In fact, it can contribute to anxiety. So, in the spirit of rest and relaxation—make a nice big cup of chamomile tea instead.

Feeling better? Let us know in the comments below what’s helping you find work-life balance!

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