Fall Design Ideas to Keep You Warm

Fall Design Ideas to Keep You Warm

Fall at last! You could say it’s the April among the seasons with all of its surprises. This year still with summerly temperatures, but that will soon change. Find out how to reach the year’s third level in style after the jump.  

Fall, autumn, equinox, harvest season – the season when leaves become more colorful before they disappear completely, just like the daylight. As we make big strides towards the dark, we can look forward to long nights caved up at home, watching reruns of Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings. Gingerbread is already readily available, and we’re gonna munch on it until we’re fed up with it come Advent season. The ever-present pumpkin will be presented to us in soups, on our porch, and on walks past every Starbucks when catching a whiff of Pumpkin Spice. Let’s pull ourselves together and master the three stages of grief HRUMPH fall with confidence.

Early fall or lukewarm withdrawal

Special features: Fall’s saffron flowers.

With temperatures still in their 70s, we’re blessed with what the white man has coined an Indian summer. Phenologically speaking, early fall begins when the black elderberry ripens. But you won’t need the reassuring look of plants in their bloom to know it’s getting colder when the morning chill hits you before you get into the car. You just know it’s fall when you run back into the house to grab a sweater or jacket. Mind you, this is just the beginning and gentle foreboding of what the colder season has in store for us. While you’re enjoying the last days of the sun’s gentle caress, its golden light can’t hide the fact that here, too, a farewell beckons. A word of advice: Grab the first pack of gingerbread – it won’t taste any better this year than it will right now – and whisper “Fare thee well!” to summer.

Feel the full force of Fall

Special features: Chestnuts and acorns wherever you tread.

The full force of fall – do we have you scared already? Hello darkness, my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again. But how can we still look at the bright side of life? In vino veritas is what the old Romans would tell us, implying that being under the weather is more fun once the wine harvest is done and bottled. The choice is all yours – a nice and freshly fermented red, white or rosé will make your day that little bit sweeter at the end of the day. You can also heat up your wine and add a pinch of cinnamon, some cloves, lemon peel and star anise to make mulled wine. And you know what else will be good this year? The mask you’re wearing to defy Corona will fend off other viruses like the flu, which is a timely bonus. And – lest we forget – you can have your mulled wine with gingerbread 😊

Late fall is proper fall

Special features: Foliage everywhere, except on the trees.

We’ve seen it long coming, and you can bet a dollar to the donuts that we’ll eventually be reaching the inevitable hight of fall. When heating costs get through the roof and pumpkin spice is the loudest smell wherever you go, you know you’ve reached Proper Fall. Your newly ordered daylight lamp keeps burning all day long, and you can’t tell Early from Late – because it’s always dark! And that weather. Brrr. Friends want to meet up with you in town at 6pm, but you’re already past benevolence. Somebody calls you and asks you to join. You pick up your phone, hand quivering with cold as you answer in a trembling voice; “Sorry, I can’t, because… November!” And as you’re watching your anxious FOMO turn into joyous JOMO, the comfort of your home offers you all you ever crave with its cuddly cushions and blankets. After all, November is just the best month before December kicks in, because we all know what happens then. I’m looking at you, mother in law, and your dried-out turkey. 

You see? It ain’t all that bad. Equipped with the right munchies and drinkies, your autumn survival kit can make all the difference. Tell us about your strategies in the comments!

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