Fun At Work Day at Spreadshirt

Fun At Work Day at Spreadshirt

We’re celebrating the international Fun At Work Day with a select few fun workers at Spreadshirt. Meet Pietsje, Toby, Dave and Steph – and find out what’s fun about working at Spreadshirt.

Fun and work don’t always go together, and not every day in your job that’s usually fun let’s you beam with joy. This is where the international Fun At Work Day comes in! It’s a day dedicated to enjoying human interaction with your fellow co-workers and colleagues, and we’ve asked some of our staff what they like best about working at Spreadshirt.

Pietsje Finemann

Picture of Pietsje, team Lead at Teamshirts Service team

Pietsje is a team Lead at tour Teamshirts Service team, and she really likes our Wandertag! It’s one of the most popular events every year, when the whole company embarks on an outing so that people can have fun activities in team-building exercises.

“My colleagues feel like one big family! I like that I’m being given the ability to change and grow in this company. In particular, I like the time I helped organize our hiking day called Wandertag, a day for a company outing with fun activities. As I work full-time, it is really good that going to work feels like going to a second home. It’s a place where I always walk around with a smile.”

Dave Gorman

Picture of Dave, Director at Spreadshirt.

Dave is another Director at Spreadshirt, namely of the Customer Experience team. He knows a thing or two about office fun. This is what he has to say:

“I just love working with such a diverse group of people every day. Add on to that the nerf gun fights, the random office pranks, ping pong games, or the company parties and events — and it’s a lot of fun. Having those feel-good vibes makes working seem far less like a job, and more like something I’m passionate about and committed to.”

Stephanie Pabst             

Picture of Stephanie, Product Owner in the IT Product Management Department at Spreadshirt.

Stephanie is a Product Owner in the IT Product Management Department at Spreadshirt. Here’s her take:

“I really like that I have the opportunity to go for a run during lunch break with fellow running enthusiasts. All in all, working at Spreadshirt happens in fun, professionally challenging, creative, and flexible environment. There is room for professional and personal growth, and a great potential for learning in general. And when I say fun, I mean the enjoyment of working in such a great team. We joke around, trust, and support each other and can bring up honest feedback and opinions. Working with these people is just great fun.”

Tobias Beutel

Picutre of Tobias, the Director of Business Unit Personalization Services.

Tobias is the Director of our Business Unit Personalization Services. He shows that whatever your role is at Spreadshirt , fun is an essential part of the job.

“What I enjoy most about working at Spreadshirt is the people I get in touch with. They are what makes the culture at Spreadshirt so special and valuable. Hundreds of highly talented people with very interesting personalities from all over the world work together very professionally and successfully ― and they have a lot of fun together. And no matter if you are in a meeting, workshop, at the coffee machine or attend one of the many events, hanging around with Spreadsters is what I enjoy the most.”

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