Fun Home Office Workouts for Lazy People

Fun Home Office Workouts for Lazy People

We all know what a day in the life of Corona can look like, and one thing is certain: it’s not pretty. Change up your routine and kick off 2021 with our tips to stay in shape.

Staying in shape can be a challenge when it’s not as easy as throwing your gym bag over your shoulder and heading to your favorite yoga class. But we promise, it’s not impossible.

Be advised, parents who are currently homeschooling their kids while holding down a full-time job can skip over all of this fitness nonsense with a clean conscience. What you do on the daily is already a form of martial arts, and further challenges are strongly discouraged.

To everyone else, no, getting up in the morning and getting dressed might at times be challenging, but it’s not yet a sport. Even if you’ve won a blue ribbon in wrestling your sweatpants on… 

Washing machine who?

The easiest way to squeeze in a workout is by pretending all of your appliances are broken. That’s right washing machine, dryer and dishwasher included. Go back to your pioneer roots — wash your laundry by hand, wring it out, hang it to dry and then start in on the dirty dishes… At the end of the day maybe you’ll have washboard abs (probably not) and a clean house (definitely).

From home office to gym office

If waking up in a timely manner for home office isn’t enough exercise for you, try making your daily routines a little bit sportier than usual. For example, you can vacuum a flimsy rug on the highest setting – compared to that, Twister is a walk in the park. If you haven’t broken a sweat and fallen onto the couch from exhaustion yet, try speed window cleaning or a round of ironing board surfing. You’ll do more for your fitness than with an annual subscription to the gym!

The unpleasant + the practical = productive

Are you a pet owner? Perfect. Whether brushing their fur, cleaning up after them or giving them a bath –there’s always something your four-legged friend detests. Your workout routine will look something like this: Interval sprints, combined with an obstacle course (dodging pet toys, of course), followed by hurdle jumps. When you’re done with that, you’ve earned a relaxing walk. Of course, out of resentment your dog will probably choose the muddiest path available. You know the drill.

What are your tricks for staying in shape, cheerful and clear-headed during lockdown and home office? Tell us in the comments.

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