Gardening with the Whole Family

Gardening with the Whole Family

Now that everything is green and blossoming again, it is finally time to go back into the yard! The sun is shining again and nature has woken up. Time to get the Garden ready for spring.

It’s more fun when everyone in the family is helping to get the tasks done. There is enough to do and everyone finds something they can do.

Mom, the garden expert, able to tell you something about every plant. She plants new flowers and takes care of the old ones. while organizing everyone’s tasks.

Dad is responsible for setting up the garden furniture and BBQ. If a hand is needed, he’s always there to help. Apart from that, he can be found looking after his beloved lawn.

Lisa and Jonas do the small tasks that come up. Raking up the leaves or collecting old apples from autumn. If they’re lucky, they can mow the lawn with their dads lawnmower tractor. Otherwise they are often found in the storage shed, where there’s always something to discover.

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