6 Custom Gift Ideas for Libras

6 Custom Gift Ideas for Libras

Looking for a gift for a libra that sticks out from the masses? We’ve put together six ideas to create customized gifts that look everything but off the shelf.

The Libra in Astrology

Period: September 24th until October 23rd

Symbol: Scales

Planet: Venus

Element: Air

Colors: Blue, pink, peach

Gift ideas for Libras

Let’s have a quick look at Libra characteristics before contemplating what gift to give them. As an air sign, the Libra is one of the social animals among the zodiacs. Libras are friendly, upright, just and love spending time in their social circles while trying to improve connections between people. And Libras can be some of the most charming and intelligent people you’ll ever meet. Mind you, these positive traits do come with a few occasional side effects. Gift Ideas for Libras are easily created – we’ll talk you through it and offer sound advice on the gifts Libras will truly appreciate. 


The scales say it all – Libras like to strike a balance and will do all they can to foster communication between people to establish a common ground. Their generous nature and outgoing personality help bring peace to situations where other zodiacs would react fiery or cold (looking at you, Aries). You’ll see a Libra acting tactful and polite to improve personal relationships or group dynamics. This custom T-shirt expresses the Libra’s desire for harmony.


Justice is what Libras value more than anything else. It’s important to them that everyone gets their say, and they are very keen on bringing about a balanced environment where the individual feels just as good as the whole group. Add some great organizational skills to the mix, and the Libra makes for the perfect event organizer. Here’s a (group)? with custom merch advocating fairness.


“Always look on the bright side of life” is the theme song of most Libras. They want to make the best out of every situation, see the good in people and follow up on innovative ideas to render them real. Do you know a Libra who thinks a better world is possible? Then you’ll have the perfect gift right here with this customized mug. Of course, you can choose a different product as well.

Social Intelligence

The outgoing nature of the Libra paired with their love for people and groups of people is a perfect match for their empathy aka social intelligence. Libras are clever folks with wonderful conversation skills. Their vivid imagination enables them to solve problems quickly to make it up to everyone involved in a group or project. This is what makes them excellent leaders. Here’s a custom sweater that expresses this notion nicely.


All these excellent characteristics come at a compromise. The life of a Libra can be a tough balancing act that makes it hard for them to take sides when needed. They can spend ages pondering which side to choose without coming to a decision. Trying to please all parties involved makes them non-confrontational in the process of trying to make peace. When a compromise isn’t possible, it really gets to them. Show you understand your fellow libra with this comforting custom pillow case.  


Love for the love of love! The loving nature of Libras becomes obvious the moment they enter a relationship. They put their heart and soul into it, and they’ll show you how excited and love-stricken they are, right from the get-go. This is true for short flings and long-term relationships alike. Once they’ve chosen their steady partner, you can be sure that they will try to keep them for life. This custom mask speaks of love.

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Do you have a Libra in your life? Which of these designs will best suit them? Let us know in the comments below!

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