Gifts for Football Fans: Super Bowl LV Edition

Gifts for Football Fans: Super Bowl LV Edition

We’re kicking off our new series with the biggest sporting event of 2021. While you might be stuck tailgating in your driveway, bring on the Super Bowl with something sporty for the football fans in your life. 

Can’t wait for the 55th Super Bowl to kick off in Tampa? On February 7th, the Kansas City Chiefs will play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It’s the first time in history that one of the teams play in their own stadium, and then there’s THAT quarterback who’s making history as well. Whether you feel like putting Brady on the back of your shirt or have other ideas – here’s some inspiration to get you in the mood for the Super Bowl!  

Pandemic Bowl LV

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are facing off with the Kansas City Chiefs in what is sure to be one of the most memorable Super Bowls of all time. It remains to be seen if this Super Bowl will go down in history for a legendary Hail Mary or because Tom Brady might become the most decorate quarterback of all time by winning a seventh ring. Or maybe it will all just be remembered as the ‘Pandemic Bowl.’ Whatever this Super Bowl means to you, celebrate the occasion with one-of-a-kind memorabilia like this custom ‘Pandemic Bowl LV’ T-shirt.

For little fans

Sitting through hours of commercials is not every kid’s idea of fun. But there’s nothing like the American tradition of going outside to throw around the old pigskin! During the next commercial break, get some fresh air and play a socially distanced game of flag football with. Make jersey-like T-shirts and add the players’ names. Or customize it with their Super Bowl team of choice!

For the bottomless pit

We all know someone who is more interested in Super Bowl snacks than in the game itself. And who can blame them? It’s the foodie event of the season! Whether you’re sipping on craft beer, munching on chicken wings or practically bathing in cheese dip — it’s the best part of the year. Get yourself and your Super Bowl snack buddy matching tees, and customize them with your favorite food of the season!

For the halftime show obsessed

You don’t have to love football to be a Super Bowl fan — but you better love an awesome show! For the less enthused, the halftime show means the game is almost over. But for the truly passionate performers out there, it means you get to watch a free televised concert and maybe even sing along like it’s your own private karaoke. This custom T-shirt let’s everyone know what you’re really waiting for…

How are you celebrating the Super Bowl this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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