How Long Does It Take to Customize a Shirt?

How Long Does It Take to Customize a Shirt?

This question comes up a lot. You may wonder how long it takes to get your custom shirt for the party on Saturday night or as a last-minute gift for Auntie Jane.

Stopwatch in hand, we decided to put it to the test. How long does it take to create a shirt? And when will we get it? Once you know how you want to personalize the shirt, it’s easy to use the customize tool to realize your idea. In order to design a gift for a boy, we went for a dinosaur design. After firing up the Customize Tool, we chose a longsleeve shirt over a regular tee and got started. 

Customizing the Shirt

Dinosaurs designs in the customizer tool
Dinosaurs designs in the customizer tool

The fun part started with choosing the design. A quick search for ‘dinosaur’ brought up plenty of designs. With the clock ticking, we didn’t spend too long deliberating and chose the first handsome dinosaur we laid eyes on. Next we added ‘Theosaurus Rex’ above the image as this was the boy’s favorite dino. Trying out the special fonts was also fun, but took a little while. In the end, we used one of the regular fonts. It took a little playing around with bending the text and changing the color before the end result was right. Finally, after a few more adjustments to the alignment of the text, the order was ready to be placed.

The Finished Product

T-Shirt with customized designs
The finished prdouct with our personalised design.

As it turns out, it took just over 15 minutes to create the custom T-shirt. Shipping time was estimated to take 1-3 business days. We placed the order around noon and were able to hold the finished article in our hands exactly 48 hours later. An express lane to our very own Theosaurous Rex shirt.

We’d love to hear from you about how long it took you to create your custom apparel and what we could do to speed up the process!

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