How to Give Self-Care in Quarantine

How to Give Self-Care in Quarantine

Self-care is vital for those in quarantine, as mental well-being is ever so much more important these days. We’ve collected some ideas to help you counter the lockdown blues and successfully ignore those corona rings around your hips.    

Late in January, most of us realize that we don’t do more sports, live healthier, or have successfully dropped our vices. With the new year in full swing, all we want in this pandemic-ridden time is knock a bit of fun out of our daily routine. We’ve put together a few tips of how you can do it in style.

Kick back, relax, and take it easy

As with every new year, it takes a while to get used to that new number at the end of the date. Don’t worry, we’re sure you’re going to get it right come June – 20201 has come to stay for a while. Right now it’s important you take your vitamin Ds in the morning, go for daylight walks, and switch a light on that doesn’t come from a screen. Good light makes you happy! And then there are the sweet things in life that will help you through the winter. Nobody ever said you can’t have a cookie with your coffee. This custom apron will encourage you to bake your own.  

My couch is my castle

Let’s face it – there isn’t much you can do when restaurants and shops are closed. Doing home office, going for walks and binge watching one series after the next is what most of us do these days. And the couch becomes our best friend! It’s quite clear that a pandemic won’t turn into a wellness boot camp with spas and gyms in every corner of your home. More rather, it’s important that you enjoy the view from and at your couch. This custom pillowcase will help tying it all together.  

Don’t do it yourself

Now that the big Christmas feast is behind you, you’ve done enough preparing, cooking, laying tables and washing up. If cooking doesn’t embody your absolute zen moment, let’s hang lose now! Write up a nice list of your favorite restaurants and snacks, throw on your warmest comfy clothes, and combine your daily walk with food hunting. A custom shopping bag that gives expression to your new hobby will do just fine. Then you can roam the neighborhood in style while reaching out to the troubled restaurants in your hometown. And in those lazy moments of self-indulgence, you can always leave that shopping bag dangling decoratively from a hanger while treating yourself to a food delivery. 

Has the New Year’s fatigue also caught up with you? And what are your strategies to relax in January? We look forward to your tips in the comments!

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