It’s National Thank You Day!

It’s National Thank You Day!

Let’s kick off 2021 with a big dose of gratitude and many thanks. Looking for the perfect something that says a big fat THANK YOU? Get inspired here!

Thank You Day is a great opportunity to show some love to everyone who makes your life better (or worse—we’re not judging!) So, how is National Thank You Day different from Thanksgiving you might ask? Well, for starters there’s no turkey or football or unwanted political discussions at the dinner table. And hey, couldn’t we all benefit from having a reminder to say our thank you’s at least twice a year? Here are some custom mug gift ideas that say a good old fashioned ‘thank you.’

For essential workers

While last year was a rough one, there are so many people who helped make our lives possible and somewhat normal. Have an Aunt Gladys who’s a hairstylist? Is your best friend a grocery store cashier? Know a doctor or nurse? Add their name to this mug that literally screams ‘thank you.’

For your sister

At times your relationship might be a love-hate thing, but with a sister you’ve got a friend for life. They “borrow” (aka steal) all of your favorite clothes, sometimes make you cry, but mostly there are good times to be had. Thank them for existing and being the best ever. Alternatively, you can create this gift for a brother or non-binary sibling! All you have to do is swap out the text.

For your dog

So technically this gift is more for you than for your fluffy friend. But hey, they’ll know how much you appreciate them when you bring this with you on your morning walks. Customize this mug with a photo of your trusty pet or find a design that you think they’d approve of!

For a friend

For an acquaintance or a co-worker who is all-around awesome, gift them a custom mug with their name on it! You can even customize it further by selecting an interesting font or making the text their favorite color.

For yourself

Last year was not easy, so give yourself a pat on the back for making it through! You deserve a little thanks for all the good things you’ve contributed to the world lately—just by being you and living your best life.

Who are you thanking for National Thank You Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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