Lent, Detox, or Cleanse? 5 Tips to Stay Motivated

Lent, Detox, or Cleanse? 5 Tips to Stay Motivated

Thinking of giving up some of life’s most delicious sins for Lent? Planning a spring detox? Eyeing a juice cleanse? Whatever your plan, here are some tips to stick to it and stay motivated!

There are millions of ways to fast, cleanse, or detox. Maybe it’s time to give your body a reset after a winter spent stuffing yourself with Christmas and Valentine’s candies. Or perhaps you’re giving up alcohol or meat for the more orthodox tradition of Lent. Whether you’re swearing off sugar or going vegan, sticking with your plan is no mean feat. The better you prepare, the easier it will be to stay motivated.

Here are our best tips:

1. Keep your eye on the goal

Why did you decide to detox in the first place? Maybe you want to lose a few pounds, cleanse your body, sharpen your focus, or commit to your mental or physical health. Whatever your reasons, keep your motivation in mind. This will make it easier for you to stick to your plan and  resist temptation. Keep focusing on how great it will feel to have accomplished your goal!

Tip: If you’re fasting, dieting, or making other healthy changes, it’s important to drink a lot of water!

Keep your goal at your fingertips! Create motivational products you’ll use every day, keep encouraging notes on your mirror, and change your phone background to remind you to stay on track.

2. Make it yummy

So you’ve given up meat, white flour, caffeine or sugar? This doesn’t mean that everything has to taste bland and boring! Treat yourself and try out some new, exotic spices (bonus: spices like turmeric and ginger are super healthy!). The Internet is full of recipe ideas for treats that are healthy and delicious… think raw cacao brownies and delicious smoothies. It’s best to make a list of recipes to try out in advance. Then you’ll have a menu of delicious dishes to look forward to in spite of giving up your familiar vices.

Tip: Treat yourself to a special, healthy food you wouldn’t normally splurge on as a reward for your dedication!

[Picture of delicious food]

3. Better together

Sure, with enough willpower, you can achieve your goal alone. But let’s be honest: It’s much more fun to work together! Maybe you can inspire your family or your partner to join your detox? Or perhaps you have motivated friends or colleagues who have always wanted to try a cleanse, too? Take on the challenge together. Peer pressure can actually help you resist the temptation to fall back into your old habits. You can share new recipes, push each other with your successes and help each other stay on the ball.

Tip: Nothing is more motivating than working towards a common goal. And if you present yourself as a group, you might even motivate other people to adopt a healthier lifestyle!

4. Dealing with temptation

The first days are the hardest. Before you start your detox, it’s best to free your home from all temptations. Give away candy and sweets to friends or coworkers and fill your pantry with delicious superfoods and tasty teas. After a few days you will probably have gotten used to your new diet. And if you do cave: that’s no reason to give up!

Tip: Even if you do give in to temptation – the experience of a detox or giving up unhealthy foods is still having a positive effect on your body. Don’t be angry if you slip up and just stick with it!

5. Baby steps and big rewards

However long you’ve committed to making healthier choices, it can feel like forever. Thinking of giving up sugar, coffee and alcohol for all 6 weeks of Lent? Ask yourself if that’s a realistic commitment for you. For your first attempt at a detox or cleanse, it could be better to start small: how about 2 weeks instead of 6? When you’ve managed that, you can be proud of yourself and reward yourself for your stamina!

Tip: Celebrate your accomplishments by deciding on some rewards for yourself in advance. Buy yourself something nice, or pre-book a massage to give yourself a light at the end of the tunnel.

Treat yourself to some new gear that shows off your accomplishments or motivates others to follow in your footsteps.

Good luck with your healthy new habits!

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