Matching Pajamas for Your Christmas Crew

Matching Pajamas for Your Christmas Crew

Pajamas are sure to be one of the most popular gifts this holiday season. With the temperature starting to drop, create Santa-approved PJs for the whole family.

Whether you’re celebrating with your immediate family or with all of the aunts and uncles, keep your Christmas crew snug as a bug in custom pajamas. They’re an especially popular gift for virtual celebrations or long-distance holiday parties. Create a design for the entire family (think of it as a wearable Christmas card) or design something unique for everyone! If you don’t celebrate Christmas, custom family pajamas still make a great gift with a winter wonderland theme. The best part about giving pajamas as a gift during the pandemic? They can be worn all day (and winter) long.

For red-nosed reindeer (and humans, too)

Who said Rudolph was the only red-nosed reindeer? After playing outside in the snow for hours, you’ll likely have a few red-nosed kiddos on your hands. Customize this PJ set with the names of your favorite reindeer and gift away!

For official Christmas cookie tasters & light detanglers

Gingerbread, sugar cookies, and peanut butter blossoms – yum! As soon as cookie baking season begins, you can be sure that some of the freshly baked ones will magically disappear along the way. Of course, you all know who’s secretly tasting the cookies, right? Make it official this holiday season and and gift a custom Christmas cookie taster pajama set to the one who’s always suspiciously covered in crumbs.

Where there’s a determined cookie taster, there’s an expert Christmas light detangler! You’ve got to really love Christmas in order to become the go-to light detangler. Sound like someone you know? Make their job a little bit more comfortable this year with cozy pajamas. Shop our design now.

For the snowman architect & present un-wrapper

Whether they’re a young artist or have a seasoned hand, every family has a really good snowman maker. Any old snowman can have two perfect twiggy arms and a carrot nose, but the best of them have a perfect snow base. You know what they say, no two snowflakes are alike. And pajama sets should be the same! Create a unique set for the snowman architect in your family. They’ll love wearing it to sleep or underneath their snow pants while creating the Mona Lisa of snowmen outside! Shop our snowman set now

There’s nothing like the excitement of waking up on Christmas morning and seeing presents under the tree. You all gather around with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, ready to let the real festivities begin. Wake up on Christmas morning with an extra dose of holiday cheer in gift themed pajamas. Customize these cozy PJs with your favorite holiday quote or saying.

We hope you stay cozy and safe this holiday season while wearing your matching pajamas!

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