7 Monday Shirts to Shoo the Monday Blues

7 Monday Shirts to Shoo the Monday Blues

Monday T-shirts are a remedy for the Monday blues. When asked about their least favorite day of the week, most people will point at Monday without hesitation. What is it about Mondays that makes us feel bad? And what can we do to feel better?

Some people feel that the Monday blues is just due to the bad reputation its received over the years. Much like the idea that eating carrots will improve your eyesight. ”False,”, they will tell you. “It’s just an old wives’ tale.” But is it the same with Mondays? And why do so many of us feel the blues on Mondays the moment the alarm goes off? We’ve read the tea leaves, talked to experts (Karen, Dave and the checkout guy from 7-Eleven) and came up with some astonishing findings. Oh yes – and we’ve put together a selection of inspirational Monday T-shirts and a few accessories with custom designs to make Mondays great again.

1. Monday the Rhythm Breaker

Our body clocks are strongly connected to our physical and mental condition. Remember how you feel every year the clocks are turned forward for daylight savings time? You’re only losing an hour, but it messes with your system for at least a week. The switch from Sunday to Monday is similarly bad, as our sleep pattern has changed over the weekend. On top of that, most people don’t get a lot of shut-eye in the night between Sunday and Monday. What can you do? You can just lament your fate with this custom Monday Blues shirt.

2. Monday the Social Animal

Some psychologists suggest that our cavemen days are still responsible for a lot of our behavior today. After all, we spent 40,000 years outside and in tribal communities. We’re instinctively drawn to “our tribe” – and getting out-of-touch with your co-workers aka the tribe from Friday afternoon to Monday morning is something our intuition struggles to deal with. This is why a new week in the office tends to start with that 9 am ritual at the coffee pot. It’s the time for us to bitch and moan, exchange news, talk about Sunday’s game and get back into the swing of things.

3. Monday the Game Changer

Many studies suggest that Mondays bring about notions of stress and depression more than any other day. Friday – obviously – is associated with happier feelings as you’re just one step away from a good night out and two blissful days filled with BBQs, football and endless nights on your porch chatting with friends. Whatever way you look at it, Monday will always take the blame for pronouncing a sudden death to the carefree happiness you still felt on Sunday evening. This custom baseball hat says it as it is.

4. Monday the Avenger

If you tend to spend your weekends overindulging in partying, eating or socializing, it may leave you drained and in need of recharging your batteries. This results in what’s commonly known as the Monday blues. Studies have shown that a great number of men feel heavier than usual, many women less attractive, and even kids more lethargic. Reason enough for us to ask our experts for advice, and there’s apparently not much you can do – but voodoo. Swap this customized cropped hoodie for a different product, if you like.

5. Monday the Reaper

You think you’ve heard the most shocking facts already? You ain’t heard the worst of it yet. As a result of those weekend shenanigans described above, people are more prone to suffer from high blood pressure. This in turn leads to most lethal heart attacks and strokes happening on Mondays than any other day, if we believe the statistics. And that’s just outrageous! As much as we usually don’t endorse heavy-handed language – you’re giving us no chance, Monday. This custom Monday hoodie about sums it up.

6. Monday the Fear Monger

A few years ago, a huge Gallup poll gathered information from a substantial number of participants. When asked about their stance on Mondays, two in three people didn’t feel as connected to their job and loved ones as they would on other days. And this is exactly what the Monday Blues is about – a subdued mood and feeling of anxious foreboding that leads to a generally unproductive day. Will do the shopping help? Can this custom tote bag shoo the blues?

7. Monday – A Bringer of Life

We promised solutions, didn’t we? Of course, all of the products you can customize with your very own Monday Blues slogans and designs will give you a chance to express your Monday sentiments. But what do you tell a newborn who’s just entered the world on a Monday? That they’re doomed from day one? Of course not! Monday’s Children can also look forward to a life filled with Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and weekends 😊

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