New Lockdown Survival Tips for Optimists

New Lockdown Survival Tips for Optimists

Are you in a local lockdown or dreading the prospect of getting locked down any time soon? It’s not really a prospect anyone is looking forward to, but there’s still time to turn your home into a fortress of coziness!

While we were enjoying the sunny days and beer-garden nights of the summer, we all couldn’t really shake off this feeling of impending doom. When your social life comes to a temporary end with bars and restaurants staying closed and regional curfews in place, there are still things you can do other than playing November Rain on repeat. Or burying your head in the snow. Home is wear your heart is, and this is exactly what you can do right now to give your feel-good factor a boost: support your local community and give your own four walls a boost!

Support your local take-out place

When restaurants need to stay closed due to a local lockdown, you could of course stay at home and shed tears over the fact that you can’t drink at your local coffee shop anymore or enjoy that curry in your favorite restaurant in the company of family and friends. Will heating up canned food and sipping instant coffee improve your mood? Probably not. While many restaurants need to stay closed, they still offer a take-out option and coffee to-go that will in all likelihood blow anything that you’re able to brew up at home out of the water. A custom tote bag will help you spread the word!

Support a starving artist

If there’s a starving artist in your circle of friends who’s struggling in the current situation, there’s a way to support them with a small project. Come to think of it, there are two ways! You could either help them set up a shop so they can sell their merchandise to make some extra money. Or you can surprise them by creating a “supporter’s mask” that has their website printed on it to promote their art page. It’s up to you to share it on social media and ask your friends to join the good cause by buying a custom mask. This could potentially offer you a way to generate some much needed cash for an artist in need.

3. Support each other <3

This is not the time to avoid the elephant in the room, particularly when the elephant is called Covid-19. And since Covid-19 is the stuff that likes spreading inside like nobody’s business, going out for a walk is the best thing you can do right now. If you’re local café’s still open, take a custom travel mug for a walk and have it filled with your favorite vanilla mocha frappuccino latte (or similar). Then enjoy your stroll past the leave blowers and have a nice socially distanced heart to heart with your bestie.

What ideas do you have for making the renewed lockdown more social? Do you regularly have Zoom chats to keep up your social life? Tell us more in the comments!

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