Personality Test – Which Van Are You?

Personality Test – Which Van Are You?

If you were a traveling companion on four wheels, what would you be? A vintage bus, a tiny house on wheels or a moving trailer? Find out now!

Our survey goes like this: Each topic comes with 5 questions. If you answer yes to at least 3 out of 5 questions, you’ll know what kind of van you are. Let’s go!

The vintage surfer van

1. Do your friends say things like, “he eats a lot, but he’s so cute though”?

2. Are your best days already behind you?

3. Is your greatest superpower the “flower power”?

4. Is nostalgia a good friend of yours?

5. Have you made a name for yourself that is recognized in certain circles?

Yes? Congratulations, you’re a vintage van built in the good old days of the automobile! Since the 1960s you’ve been able to gather a sizable following. People love you for your laid-back style and seasoned calmness. You may not be running on all cylinders anymore, but your fellow comrades keep you on your wheels and think highly of your iconoclastic character.

The trailer van

1. Are you a digital native?

2. Would you rather be on the road than hanging out in the garage on your own?

3. Does your big heart offer lots of room for two?

4. Do you not need much to feel happy?

5. Does the idea of not crossing state borders on vacation sound just fine?

Yes? It may come as a surprise, but you’re a trailer van! There are millions just like you, but none is as unique as you are. You could be furnished with country-style oak or taupe-coloured like a 1980s kitchen. Or equipped with pots and pans in all sizes. Travelling with you is a very smooth and relaxed experience, because you’re happy wherever you set up camp. But make sure to get rid of all those cans in the hall and clear the decks for action!

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The minivan

1. Are you smaller than average?

2. Are you compact?

3. Are you all hat and no cattle or all bark and no bite?

4. Cooking is not your thing?

5. Would you rather be a big Mercedes?

Yes? You must be a minivan! Unlike your competitors in this personality test, your compactness makes you perfectly suitable for everyday use. You don’t mind travelling for days and enjoy putting up camp at night. And you can be seen hanging out in the parking lots at the likes of IKEA and Walmart. You’re a real everyday hero.

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The camping trailer

1. Do you like to be pulled?

2. Do you not like to drive?

3. Do you always go to the same vacation destination?

4. Are you very affectionate?

5. Do you have British roots?

Yes? Then you must be a camping trailer? It has always been a British tradition for newlyweds to embark on their honeymoon in a camping van! And these vibes somehow seem to resonate with you. And maybe you have already found a permanent home for your little trailer? Even if you’re not as popular as you once were – you’re still a legend. Your time will come again! As with all of our products, you can customize text and design of this mug.

The pick-up truck

1. Are you the first person people call when they need to haul something?

2. Are you set hard on the motto “the road is mine, just move along”?

3. Are you trying to impress others with the size of your vehicle?

4. Do you day dream about going off-road?

5. Do you like building stuff?

Yes? Then you’re pick-up truck! “Size matters” best sums up your character, and travelling at high speeds does not sit right with you at all. You want to make yourself heard and impress others with big engine sounds. You’re all about big glossy rims and a driver’s seat that sits way above everyone else. You’re not the outdoor type and value simple convenience. And if there’s anyone out there who doesn’t like that – you couldn’t care less.  

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