Keep it Fresh with Photo Filters

Keep it Fresh with Photo Filters

Photo filters are no longer limited to apps or Instagram. You can now wear them in your daily life! Try using the photo filter setting next time you create a custom gift. It will add just the right touch. Here are our top photo filter inspiration products!

Photo filters for clothing and accessories

First up, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use photo filters…

  1. Select a product
  2. Choose the picture you want to customize
  3. Go to the Customizer design tool, select “upload”
  4. Confirm you own the copyright to your picture
  5. Upload your picture
  6. Position your photo on the product

Once you’ve done the above steps, the fun stuff really begins. To the right of your product, you’ll find a “filter” category. Click on it and choose from 13 new and unique filters. Try them all out until you’ve found the right one.

Scrapbooking— a thing of the past

Family pictures are no longer just for photo albums, but also for personalized gifts. Why let your beloved family picture book collect dust when you could show your photos to the world on a custom mug or T-shirt?

Whether it’s a wedding or that fun family vacation on the beach—these events speak for themselves, without filters. Memories big or small come out even better when put on T-shirts, aprons, pillowcases, mugs or cups.

Granny cool

Grandparents remind us of antique furniture, warm chocolate chip cookies, long bike rides together and above all — beige. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Our grandparents are the power couple who raised our parents, care for us and sometimes even their great grandkids. Customize your favorite photo of you with your grandparents and add a filter – they’ll love it! It will make a great gift, plus all of your grandparents’ friends will think they’re the coolest.

Back to the future

If you use the words ‘mom jeans’ or ‘moustache’ to describe your personal style, we’ve got the photo filter for you. Create a faux-retro product with our retro photo filter. 1985 or 2020? Who knows! You no longer have to spend your weekends scouring flea markets and vintage shops for that one-of-a-kind item, create it instead!

Keep it classy

There’s nothing that says “I’ve got it all together” like a black and white photo filter. It’s magic, really. Black and white photo filters can transform any picture into a true masterpiece of photography. That silly selfie of you and your mom? Add a black and white photo filter and make it a classic.

Have you already created gifts with photo filters or designed your own photo filter clothing? Let us know in the comments below!

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