The Right Print for your Business: Digital Printing

The Right Print for your Business: Digital Printing

No matter what industry, no matter what business – we have the right print type for any occasion. In this article, we’ll show you how to get the most out of digital printing.

Are you looking for corporate apparel for yourself or your staff, but don’t know exactly which print type best suits your purpose? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you which print type will make the biggest impression on your staff and customers. Let’s start with our all-rounder – digital-direct printing.

The all-rounder: Digital-direct printing

There’s almost nothing our digital printing can’t do, and that’s why it’s used as the standard method on most of our products. Whether you’re after cheap T-shirts, elegant polo shirts, sweatershirts and hoodies, aprons or merchandise articles – digital printing showd its advantages almost everywhere:

  • Available for all file formats
  • Brilliant print results
  • Smooth surface thanks to directly inked material
  • No order minimum

This makes digital printing our most flexible print method. Simply upload your company logo or design, place it on a product, add text, and choose color and size. Then your order is ready to go.

Really sustainable – print-on-demand with digital printing

Overproduction and destruction of surplus goods aren’t an issue in our print-on-demand business model. This is because we only print goods on order. That’s why print-on-demand is one of the most resource-efficient production methods in the textile industry. 

We produce the majority of our digital print orders with our new Kornit Atlas printers. These use a particularly sustainable printing technology, What’s more, they are absolutely non-toxic and use 100% biodegradable inks.

Tested for you – excellent quality and durability

Before we include a product for digital printing in our range, the product must prove itself in our in-house test lab. We check how well the textile harmonizes with our printers and ink. Is the color brilliance good enough, does the color fastness convince, and what about durability? To answer these questions, the products must withstand at least 10 washing cycles without losing color intensity.

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