Secret Santa vs Corona – The Office Gift Edition

Secret Santa vs Corona – The Office Gift Edition

You’ve just woken up to the news that it’s December. And now you’re thinking “what will I get my boss Samantha Claus and my bestie at work, Rudolph?“ And how about the other eight coworkers pulling the company sleigh when you’re snowed under with work?   

The annual madness that’s the holiday season won’t even stop before offices and warehouses. Hiding in your home office provides little protection against the craze and its maddest inventions –  the Secret Santa. In the absence of a company Christmas party and the usually daunting prospect of being confronted with its photographic evidence the very next day, this years’ Secret Santa can be a very straightforward – and fun!  

Your boss

When issuing a video call for unity, we all look at the smiley faces and have no idea whether everyone’s wearing pants at all or what kind of drink Brian is sipping at right now. Anything goes in a coffee mug, but what can you print on it? Cheap flattery could land you a job on the shop floor, whereas sassy irony may have you looking for a new job all together. Giving your boss a custom mug with a general statement of appreciation might be your best option. 

The intern

When was the last time you were young? See! It’s hard to imagine what the youngest parts of your company crave these days, so how could you possibly know what’s appropriate to give them? We’ve briefly checked credible meme sources and profound Instagram footage for you to discover that there’s a new 2020 vision for everyone, visually impaired or not. This custom T-shirt offers a light-hearted take on a better vision of the future.

The old hand

It seems that John has always been with the company. He keeps getting into work before anyone else does, loves using the fax for communication and politely bows his head when wishing you a good day while walking past you in the corridor. He fondly remembers installing Windows 95 on his first ever work computer and how it revolutionised his breaks now that he could play solitaire. Give John a custom thermal bottle for Christmas – he’s sure to keep it and enjoy its stainless steel through to the next millennium.

The new kid

You’ve only ever seen her in video conferences, and you can’t even be sure what she looks like in real life given the pixelated and slightly shaky video streams you’ve shared so far. This doesn’t make gifting any easier! Remember that starting a new job must have been a real challenge in 2020! No collegial high-five in corridors, no after-work drinks, and no casual chats at the coffee vendor. Doh. Here’s to looking forward to mutual coffee breaks with a custom travel mug.

The office grinch

As sure as day, Kevin will claim his internet connection is falling victim to Chinese 5G infiltration and he simply can’t get a straight connection for more than half a minute at a time. “Connect… not… work…”  But we know it’s not the Chinese’ fault that Kevin is a Christmas grinch! No excuse is to flimsy for him to keep well away from all festive celebrations. But Kevin, we can’t just leave you out of the secret Santa shenanigans – you’re one of the team and will be treated accordingly. Here’s a custom Santa hat for Kevin to get him in the mood. Just like all of oour products, this custom tote bag can be personalized with memorable quotes of your colleagues.

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Did our ideas make your Secret Santa a little easier? Or did you come up with better ideas? Let us know in the comments!

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