Socially Distanced Christmas Gift Ideas

Socially Distanced Christmas Gift Ideas

Season’s greetings! The big day is right around the corner, still on the hunt for a few last-minute gifts? Look no further!

There will be a little bit of space (6 feet to be exact) between your nearest and dearest this year. But Christmas can still be a joyous occasion, even with a little distance. For those you won’t be able to see in person but still want to celebrate with – try socially distanced Christmas gifting! Create custom Christmas gifts and ship them directly to their doorstep. Plus, make it a truly memorable occasion by planning a virtual hangout that goes along with the gift. Here are our top gift ideas everyone will love!

For cocoa fans

For this gift all you’ll need is a compliment, hot cocoa recipe and custom mug. Easy, right? Send around your favorite recipe for hot chocolate (or egg nog if you’re in the mood for something stronger). Then gift them a custom mug! Think of it like a conversation heart, customize the mug with some heartwarming words and make the cocoa drinking experience twice as sweet!

For Christmas movie junkies

We all know someone who’s favorite movie genre is anything Christmas related. Keep the tradition alive and watch an iconic Christmas film together! You can send your best buddy a T-shirt to wear while you stream one (or two) holiday flicks and laugh together all night long.

For those who need a hug

Sweatshirts and sweatpants have become synonymous with 2020, let them bask in the glory of recognition for a bit longer! Keep the spirit of comfort alive, send a custom hoodie to someone you want to snuggle. Every time they wear their new sweatshirt, it will feel like a cuddly hug from you.

For cookie bakers

We’re living in an era where traditional holiday cookie exchanges and social gatherings are frowned upon (and for good reason!) Keep your loved ones safe and host a virtual cookie baking party. You can swap recipes beforehand and customize aprons for everyone who will be attending your fabulous event. Win, win, win!

Finally, Corona Christmas 2020

While Coronamas is not ideal, it’s certainly memorable. Get creative and send your crew Christmas T-shirts to memorialize this very unusual year. Maybe send them a roll of toilet paper too, while you’re at it.

We hope you have a healthy, safe and festive holiday season!

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