#spreadmystyle: Running with Huskies

#spreadmystyle: Running with Huskies

In the #spreadmystyle series, we present the coolest self-designed shirts of the Spreadshirt community. This time: a photo of the Siberian husky Skye.

Hey Bethany, where did you get the idea for the shirt?

My boyfriend turned 26, and I wanted to really surprise him because we didn’t get to celebrate last year. I threw him a surprise party and wanted to get him a really special gift to go with it.

Our 3-year-old husky, Skye, is the light of our lives. I knew I had to get him a personalized shirt with her picture on it. I started shopping around months in advance trying to find something that was a good quality while also reasonably priced, and I magically stumbled upon Spreadshirt online! Thank goodness!

How did your boyfriend react to the shirt?

He absolutely loved the shirt; he wears it at least once a week! We went to the Chiefs vs. Texans NFL game and he wore it under all his Texans gear and claims that’s the reason the Texans won! All the friends at his surprise party said my BF’s reaction to the shirt was one of the highlights of the night!

For his friends Eric’s reaction to the shirt was the highlight of the surprise party! After he got it, he wanted to take some model photos right away. This is how the photo was taken.

Why did you order from Spreadshirt?

I chose Spreadshirt because of the quality but also because it was reasonably priced and didn’t force me to order in bulk, even though I was custom ordering!!

Thanks for sharing, Bethany!

Do you want to be featured, too? Then create your own product at Spreadshirt, take a photo for Instagram and tag it with #spreadmystyle. With a bit of luck, we’ll show the community what you can do!

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