Fail in Style: Spring Feelings

Fail in Style: Spring Feelings

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming… and yet something still manages to go wrong. Even the freshest season of the year can’t prevent fails. At least do it

Getting sick… Cough, cough

We’ve all made this mistake at one time or another: the sun is finally shining again and after work at 5:30 p.m. it’s still not dark outside. So, you decide to go out and enjoy a cool bike ride in the sun! Sure, vitamin D and exercise are healthy! But unfortunately, we shed our winter layers just a little too eagerly. By standing outside in cold weather not dressed properly, you can make your body more susceptible to illness. Don’t forget to grab a warm hoodie or sweatshirt next time before you leave the house! The fresh air will be worth it, and your body will thank you later.

Spring fatigue… Yaaaawn

As soon as the days get longer, many people start to suffer from spring fatigue. However, we’re not just tired, but also might struggle with headaches and dizziness. The reason for this is probably the two important regulating messenger substances serotonin and melanin, which become confused as the days get longer. Your spring fatigue will pass after about two to four weeks. But don’t worry you can do something for it during this time. Try long walks in the sun, sports, drinking a lot of water and self-care (like bubble baths!)

Unhappy in love… Ouch #1

Have butterflies in your stomach that are left fluttering around with unreciprocated feelings? Falling in love in the spring can be sad. Everywhere you see couples holding hands, annoying bees buzzing over blooming meadows… and you? You feel all alone! Remember: No matter how heavy your heart may be at the moment, even the worst heartbreak will pass and then, fortunately, summer will come!

Broken leg… Ouch #2

Your first bike ride, trips in the skate park or a silly accident – broken legs are common in the spring. Especially if you have hardly done any sporty activities in the winter. Remember to take it easy at the beginning of the new season. Broken leg? Off to bed with you! Let yourself be pampered (preferably also with a custom T-shirt). And don’t be too sad – the next sporty spring is sure to come… next year!

Icy weather… Brrrrr

You’ve planted a lot of things in your garden or on the balcony this year – and completely forgotten that the temperature drops below zero still! And now, unfortunately, your beautiful plants are gone. Go quickly to the nursery and get new plants, after all, you don’t want to let a few chilly nights spoil the whole gardening season! Next year try using a calendar reminder. You can always expect icy weather around the same time, which is why you should pay particular attention to the weather forecast in the days around May 11th – 15th.

Of course, these are not the only opportunities you have to fail in the spring. Springtime during the pandemic, hay fever or fellow human beings in an exaggerated good mood – there are an incredible number of occasions to fail in style. So, go for it! Design your own clothes and express your (negative) spring feelings!

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