Time for a coffee break?

Time for a coffee break?

Is coffee your lifesaver in the morning? A steaming cup of coffee is the perfect way to start the day. Or are you more an afternoon coffee drinker? Of maybe you’re more of a leisurely weekend coffee sipper? A proper espresso with perfect crema is best enjoyed with friends in a cozy café on a lazy Sunday. For many of us, coffee gets us through the work day and a coffee break with colleagues is always a good chance to shake up the daily routine.

It seems that the delights of coffee never quite wear off, whether you drink one cup a day or a jittery ten. How does it taste so great every time?

People’s love for coffee has led to a myriad of coffee variations. Different aromas are unlocked according to different roasting methods. Then there’s the meticulous methods one can use to prepare coffee: espresso or French press? Drip or Turkish? Steamed milk or cold cream? Foam? And then of course sugar, chocolate, cardamom, mint, and endless other flavorful additions for those who prefer it sweeter.

Nowadays, every city has its gourmet coffee cafes creating miniature masterpieces with their latte art. Leaves and hearts are the most popular forms, but some latte artists can even create animals or write messages on your coffee out of milk froth.

Latte art is the domain of expert baristas, but with a decent milk steamer and enough practice and patience, anyone can do it.

We’ve prepared 6 coffee designs for all you coffee lovers. These personalized mugs are sure to make your coffee taste even better.

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