7 Camping Vacation Apparel Ideas

7 Camping Vacation Apparel Ideas

There are two types of nature lovers– the outdoors-y type and the beach type. Well, at least that was the status quo before Covid-19 changed everything in 2020. Whether you’re planning your first ever camping vacation or you’re looking forward to yet another trip to the wild – we’ve put together seven tips to customize your apparel essentials.

The Mountains Are Calling

Some people just feel this incredible urge to get out into the wild, far away from all civilization. It’s like a magnetic pull. Are you one of those people or do you know somebody who is? Then check out the customization option for the text field and change “I” to a name, if you like.

The Happy Camper

Life’s just better in a van, at least this is what a lot of people think. If the van is not your thing, change the design to a tent. Or a log cabin. Or a pick-up truck. The design pool is your oyster.

What you drink by the camp fire, stays with the camp fire

There are few things nicer than having a drink in a camping mug after a long day in the wilderness. Whatever you put into the mug – only you and the fire will be privy to its content. And maybe the bears watching you. Because no bear ever walked into a bar.

All you ever need

Feeling matchy matchy? Color coordination is not only a sweet way to show you belong together, but it just might help you locate your better half in a forest filled with trees. Use the text editor and change the names to create a design for the one you love: “And Jane is all I need” will make her day.

Have a Camping BBQ

…but don’t soil your clothes! This custom apron will keep your clothes clean when char-grilling your prey. Customize the apron with whatever meat you like having most. And if you’re grilling in the great outdoors, don’t forget about Smokey the Bear and do your part to prevent wildfires.

Get Ready for Day Trips

Isn’t it great to get out? All you’ll need for a quick trip is a water bottle, some sandwiches, compass and maybe a map. With your custom drawstring bag, you’ll have all the essentials ready when you need ‘em. Customize your bag with your favorite mantra, and off you go!

The Camping Survivor’s Shirt

Treat yourself when the trip is over. You’ve weathered the elements, gone through nights sleeping in completely rain drenched sleeping bags and withstood mosquito attacks in your tent. You’ve earned it: your custom I survived the wild T-shirt.

Are you an outdoor type? What kind of tee would you create to celebrate outdoor life?

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