Why We Love Sweatpants

Why We Love Sweatpants

In 2020, nothing was more off the mark than Karl Lagerfeld’s famous opinion on the subject of sweatpants. His loungewear ideology certainly wasn’t as warm and fuzzy as the lining of your favorite pair. If you love your sweatpants relentlessly, despite what the gods of fashion might have to say about it, here’s how you can truly make a pair your own…

But first, an ode to the baggy things

There’s this famous saying, “If you don’t wear sweatpants in home office, you’ll end up sitting naked at your desk.” This past year has truly been a big one for sweats. However, I like to think that the comfort of sweatpants has existed for much longer. Perhaps our stretchy pants once cocooned the cosmos resulting in the Big Bang? Maybe cavemen used to wear them on their day off of hunting and gathering. Just kidding. That’s impossible. But just goes to show how monumental the perfect pair of sweats can make you feel.

In modern times, our sweats are the perfect sport pants that are rarely worn for sports. They’re fluffy, stretchy, and elasticized to perfectly compliment your growing lockdown tummy. Historically, sweatpants of all varieties have had their five minutes of fame. The early 2000s was the dawn of the Juicy Couture velour sweatsuit. The 1970s was the era of the Adidas tracksuit. Even Ronald Reagan liked to wear sweatpants in the 1980s with a shirt and tie aboard Air Force One.

Finally, the pandemic of 2020 made sweatpants the epitome of fashion. If you’re not wearing sweatpants at your home office desk, you’re probably sitting there with your jeans unbuttoned wishing you were.

While we’re all in our sweatpants on the daily, the biggest sweatpants-wearing day is near. Celebrate International Sweatpants Day on January 21st, 2021 with a pair of your own design! At this point whether you’re wearing the pants or they’re wearing you no longer matters. Customize your sweatpants, give your belly the well-deserved space, and relax.

Who came up with International Sweatpants Day?

Austria didn’t just give the world Mozart, Arnold Schwarzenegger and the schnitzel – no, International Sweatpants Day comes from there too! The Facebook event for the first International Sweatpants Day was attended by 130,000 people. The rest is history.

What are you waiting for? Get in your sweatpants and out in the world!

Teaser image: Man in yellow sweatpants and blue roller skates by Ivan Radic. License: CC BY 2.0

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