Let’s Celebrate – International Women’s Day is March 8th!

Let’s Celebrate – International Women’s Day is March 8th!

International Women’s Day is fast approaching. If you prefer equal pay for your work over a bouquet of flowers and some chocolates – keep reading!

This year, International Women’s Day falls (conveniently) on a Sunday. Meaning – you can celebrate with your girls all weekend and plot the revolution on Sunday! As women, we are stronger when we work together and have the support of our allies (regardless of their gender identity). Whether you’re a homemaker, a single parent, or a CEO, we’re all human. Now is the time to spread the love for ALL women in an impactful way!

Here are our tips for a delightful International Women’s Day:

1. Dance It Out

Whether you are at home alone, a nightclub, or anywhere really – embrace yourself and the body you are in! Dancing is an act of owning who you are, and being yourself in a world that tells us otherwise is a powerful act of resistance. Dance through the day while wearing quotes to honor the legacies of famous feminists like Rosa Luxemburg or Emma Goldman.

2. Take A Break!

Women are multi-taskers. We are expected to be perfect mothers, daughters, students, professionals, and more every single day. If you can, try to use International Women’s Day to treat yourself like the queen you are. Sleep in, have breakfast in bed (or at your favorite brunch spot!), buy yourself some flowers. Take the day to reflect on your personal goals, and who you want to be in this world.

3. The Time is Now!

International Women’s Day is a holiday and chance to rest for some. For others it might just be another day of work. Regardless of how you spend your day, remember tomorrow is coming and that we need to continue working towards an equal world.

A personalized coffee cup is like a picket sign for your workplace.

So, sisters, stay strong!

And remember: The future is female!

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