Your Lazy Halloween Costume Guide 2020

Your Lazy Halloween Costume Guide 2020

There have not been many occasions worth dressing up for this year. But Halloween? That’s certainly one of them. Stay lazy and spooky with these dead-easy costumes. (Get it? Dead?)

The best part about having a T-shirt as a Halloween costume is that you can wear it again, and again. T-shirts are an environmentally friendly (and easy!) alternative to shopping for something you’ll only wear once. We’ve scoured the cobwebbed corners of the Internet and wracked our zombie brains to come up with this Halloween costume cheat sheet. You’re welcome!

1. Leaf blower

Wear a baseball cap, attach a leaf to its brim with a string, and blow. Voila, you’re a leaf blower. With all that blowing, you’ll need your cap to do the talking for you. Make your intentions clear by adding custom “trick or treat” text or Halloween candy designs.

2. Frida Kahlo

This iconic artist is universally recognizable. Create a colorful Frida-esque T-shirt, add a unibrow, tuck some flowers in your hair and- presto! You’re a work of art.

3. Avocado

Browse our many avocado designs and find one that best represents your favorite brunch food. For example, add an avocado pit to a green T-shirt. Or take it a step further, add a halo and angel wings to be “Holy Guacamole.” If you’re feeling a little bit on the scarier side, add a skeleton design and create a rad pits n’ bones tee.

4. Party animal

Pick your favorite animal design, add it to any T-shirt you like, then top it all off with a party hat. Party + animal = party animal. Just be prepared to live up to the costume. Don’t forget to bring your party tricks!

5. When life gives you lemons

Add the word “life” to a T-shirt and buy a bag of lemons to hand out. Remind all your trick-or-treaters to make some sweet lemonade!

6. Bread winner

You probably already have half of this costume hiding in your kitchen pantry… A loaf of bread and a fake gold medal (or one on your shirt if you’re a loser who never won any middle school soccer games) and you’re Halloween-ready.

7. 404 Error

None of the above tickle your fancy? Then opt for a simple T-shirt with “404 Error: Costume Not Found” printed on it and enjoy the laughs. This is one that can definitely be worn year after year.

That’s it for your ultra-lazy Halloween cheat sheet. Happy trick-or-treating!

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