.04% Commission

I Just made a sale of $227.97 and my commission is $9. That is .04% royalty, which is absolutely ridiculous. The $2 reduction on shirt royalties and the other drastic reductions were (somewhat) understandable, but .04% is not understandable.

You have to set how much profit you make on your products in the shop settings.

Ahoy @Kanig_Designs,

The order you mean is made up of very expensive products like hoodie and hoodie dress. The order was placed through the CYO area where customers have the possibility to place different designs on one product. For each design each partner gets 3$ minus VAT. With this order, many designs from different partners were used per product, which is why there is a high final price - this includes the compensation of the other partners as well. Of course, we cannot display these designs in your partner area, as this is subject to the partners’ privacy policy.

As you can see, the final price cannot always be used as a basis when it comes to the percentage compensation.