186 Designs rejected because of "Wrong name or keywords"



please excuse my English since I’m form Germany.

I think everyone on this plattform and this forum knows how long it takes to upload, name, describe and tag designs. It can cost you a lot of time!
Thats why I hope theres a way to solve my issue.

186 of my recent designs were rejected with the reason “Wrong name or keywords”.
But in the list of possible rejection reasons, this reason isn’t even listed?!

Of course I tried to email spreadshirt but they don’t seem to care much about designers with problems. I’ve received one mail, but it was just a C&P answer and didn’t solve or explain anything. After I asked them for a detailed mail or for any help they can offer… nothing. Didn’t receive an answer.

I list my designs for example like this:
Name: Breakdancer Breakdancing
Desc: This cool Breakdance design has something to do with breakdancing. It is a great gift idea for men, women & kids.

  • breakdance
  • break dance
  • break
  • dance
  • breakdancing
  • dancing
  • breakdancer
  • breakdance fan
  • breakdancers
  • club
  • dance club
  • dance school
  • dancehall
  • dance floor
  • dancefloor
  • breakdance freak
  • keep dancing
  • i love breakdance
  • i love breakdancing
  • sleep breakdance repeat
  • gift
  • keep breakdancing
  • gift idea

-> This is a real example (Design ID: 1020423646) and is one of the designs that got rejected. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong?

The 186 designs cover several different niches, so it cant be the problem of one single niche-specific keyword…

Also: I only got this problem on Spreadshirt**.COM**

My question: How can I (or Spreadshirt) reenable those designs? I hope I dont have to copy all of those design ids…

Maybe someone can help me, thanks a lot in advance…


Hey Daniel,
unfortunately i can only recommend to wait for an specific answer from our design team.
You have published the design yesterday. As it´s been a weekend, it probably takes some time for them to catch up with all the mails and requests from over the last days.

If you did not recieve an answer within 2 days, please write another request.
These guys may help you out with a reasonable answer, why your design(s) got rejected.
The forum mods may not be able to resolve detailed rejection requests.
I can only guess it´s been due to some copyrighted tags or description content.

good luck!


Hi Thomas,

thanks for the answer! :slight_smile:

The strange thing is, that I change my keywords depending on the niche, of course. And The 186 rejected designs cover several different niches… so if “gift” or “gift idea” isn’t a copyrighted tag, I don’t know what the problem is…

Will wait for an answer from the support, but maybe some other people have similar issues since last week.


By having a quick look at your rejected designs, I cannot see any obvious reason for that rejection.
Let´s see what the service guys say.


“We do not offer any Marketing or specific tag support.” is the answer I’ve got, other that C&P answers to check out some Guides and the forum. No quick check of the tags, to give me a reason, nothing.

I’ve deleted the designs now and try to upload them with 3 keywords only. If that doesn’t work again I wont upload here anymore since I can’t invest so much time for nothing…

Thanks for your reply and help anyway Thomas!


Let me check this for you. You should receive some more specific answer. Let me have a look.