A.I. Art falsely rejected for "Rights unaccounted for"


I have uploaded several designs that I created with the support of the AI model Stable Diffusion XL.

Two designs got rejected because of unaccounted rights.

Stable Diffusion XL is released under a Creative ML OpenRAIL-M license. This is a permissive license that allows for commercial and non-commercial usage. The user owns the rights to their generated output images, and is free to use them commercially.

I tried to explain this via email, but all I get is a standard reply. It seems the service team isn’t even looking into the subject. This is really frustration, because now I have to stop uploading designs, because I never know, if the design is getting rejected and eventually I get assigned the Lost in Space state. I am thinking to move to another platform to publish my designs.

How do you deal with the issue?
If the support team is reading in this forum, please let me know, how to proceed.

Best regards,