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I would like to know how can i put my stuff in the showrooms?

How do I navigate to my products and upload page from a mobile browser?

Well I was hoping to get a few beginner questions answered here but I see only TWO Posts? Dated from last year? Oh my. Guess it’s either figure things out myself or not. Sigh… this is the THIRD print on demand site I’m trying. Hope to stick with it but this is not a good sign.

Also WHY is my user name so messed up? It’s ArtmakersWorlds which this forum would not even let me log in with. Had to use my email.

Hello & welcome on board!

Seems like you’ve found an outdated thread, which nobody was taking care of until now.
But anyway, we’re glad you’re here!

Our forum provides a randomly generated Username if there is none set at your account details in the Partner Area.
To set up “ArtmakersWorlds” as a default, simply edit your account settings in the Partner Area:

If you have detailed beginner questions in mind, feel free to open a new thread for each or write it down here. We’re happy to help you get started! :slight_smile:

I think you’re confusing your Shopname and your username: Your Shopname is ArtmakersWorlds Geek whereas your Username is left empty and therefore also displayed the way it currently is displayed :slight_smile:

So how do I fix my name HERE?