Adding 3 designs to one product


I am trying to create products with several print areas with designs I already uploaded. I want to combine 3 designs for front, left and right. Once I assigned the designs in the selection screen to front, left and right and click “apply” I get a message: These designs can’t be combined. Please change your selection.

The designs are Vector in PNG format.

What am I doing wrong? Any help appreciated

Can you let me know the product you are trying to create with these three design and the design IDs of the designs you are trying to create this product with. Trying to recreate and see what the details are of this issue.

Hi Lena, thanks for your quick response. I managed to find out what happened. When I saved the designs (text) I didn’t merge the file down and turn into Vector but text. Even though it was a SVG or PNG file I got the same message. I now saved them correctly and now it works. For info - this was at the stage where I select the 3 designs and not yet product selection (that is the next step) Thanks again

Great to hear. Let me know if you encounter other issues or have further questions :slight_smile: