Adding CCS code for Top-margin

Is there a way for me to add 130px to the top header margin, using the advance/CSS section within the shop?

here is my link:


Hi and welcome,

The easiest thing is to change the margin in Elementor for this specific page. Elementor should offer the possibility to change the margin :slight_smile:

A css based solution (advance/custom css) of your theme, not the shop, could look like this:

.page-id-1689 .elementor-663.elementor-location-header {
height: 130px


Hi Thimo,

Thank you for the welcome and I welcome everyone who is part of SpreadShirt :slight_smile:

I added the CSS within the page advance CSS section, but no changes happened. I am placing this in the right area?

Thank you

can you make a screenshot please? I’m not talking about spreadshop css and want to get sure we’re on the same page :slight_smile:

Sure, please see attached the three steps:


ah yes, the page id has changed use:

.page-id-1703 .elementor-663.elementor-location-header {
height: 130px

you could also give the page a custom css class name, if I remember elementor correct.

Read more here:

This worked perfect :blush:
Thank you for sticking with me

All the best :slight_smile: