Adding custom text with photoshop?

okay so I want to use a specific font that i have imported in photoshop that’s not on the website. can I just export the text i want as a transparent PNG and put it right on the shirt? i was told that the quality of the text may turn out a little crap in person if i do it that way but i figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

also, is the black tee like, true black? when i’m designing it on the site, I added an image that has a black background which is supposed to blend in with the tee, but really the black background stands out amongst the shirt

Ahoy @User_NA-00b636c8 ,

To your first question: Yes, you can create a png with a transparent background from the font and add it to your selected designs in the “Create your own section” of our page. Please note that this is only possible in the “Create your own section” - it is not possible to add your own designs to designs that you select directly from a list page on our marketplace.

As for your second question, whether the black shirt is actually black, it cannot be answered with a definite yes or no - it always depends on the light. But if you have a design with a black background - why don’t you just make the black background transparent so that the motif is optimally placed on the black shirt?
It is always unfavourable to print black designs on a black products. Because of the different surfaces alone, you would always see a difference, even if both the product and the designs technically had the same black colour values. So I can only advise you against it.

I hope this helps you.