Adding Extended Sizes


Hello! Newbie here and I just launched my shop this evening. I’d like to add extended sizes where available, but I can’t seem to find where to add those options. Help? Thanks in advance!



You can see all available sizes here: using the size filter! You just need to add the product itself in your Shop and all sizes will be made available automatically :slight_smile:


Ok, so if I understand correctly, the extended sizes should automatically be available in the Men’s Shirt option. But I’m unable to order them myself.

Sorry if I’m not really understanding - but…

I appreciate your help!



Depends on the colors. We only offer our best-selling colors and products in extended sizes.

These are the products we offer in 5XL:

As I’ve said above …using the size filter at the bottom left you can see which products are available in which sizes.


Found it! Thank you for your help!

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